Posted 6M ago by @sarahsalith

#LetsGrowTrees Who else got the trees in a can?!
@ABCD how are yours doing? @AwesomePlants - you got one, too, right? I know there were more folks! Let's tag them. 😁

I today forgot to pull mine out of the fridge on the 28th (I guess it was a long "winter" for these seeds).
#HappyPlants #CitrusGrandPrix #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #Seedlings #PlantAddict #PlayingWithPlantsInsteadOfWorking
I pulled mine out one day late
Ahhhh!!!!!! You just made me remember about mine. Pulling her out now!!! Thanks @sarahsalith!!!
So far nothing- but they could just be hiding under the pebbles
Still frosty! Going on a windowsill right now.
@PlantEsteem woo hoo!! Let's do this! I even drew a picture on the calendar to remind me and I forgot. πŸ₯΄
6M ago
I'm still new to the world of beings plant mom, where did you get the tree in a can? Or is you guys made them yourself
I believe @PlantEsteem and I got ours on Amazon for $10:

Coast Redwood | Tree Seed Grow Kit | The Jonsteen Company
@ABCD picked up his locally at a store for about $7.
6M ago
@sarahsalith thanks
@sarahsalith and @SMM I found mine at Wal-Mart on an end cap my the plant stuff. I was amazed.
@PlantEsteem that's great! I think that's where Peter picked up his. (:
6M ago
@PlantEsteem I'll try to remember to check Walmart when I go there. Thank πŸ™‡
Ok I’ve always wanted to go see the redwoods, I love this idea! Running to Amazon now 🀩

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