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This poor orchid
I rwscued this poor #orchid from Walmart and have no idea where to start with rehabbing it. Any #orchidlovers out there that can give me some tips or tricks? I think it has some viable roots left but I have not yet removed it from the pot as i don't know what to do with it when I do. I've never cared for an orchid before but I'm really hoping to save this one!
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100% agree with the other comments - Miss Orchid Girl has a great video on repotting orchids and I would definitely repot. When you take her out of the pot, run the roots under some tepid water as this helps to get rid of the old media and greens up the viable roots so it’s easier to tell which ones are healthy. With some sterilised pruners or scissors, cut away any dead roots, making sure you cut into the dead tissue rather than the live root. The dead roots will be soggy and squishy and if you gently pull at them the tissue comes away leaving what looks like a string - that’s a dead root. Don’t be afraid to cut the dead roots off, even if it only leaves you with few, if any, live ones! Phals can survive for months without roots! Also cut off the flower spikes - the health of the plant is more important than the blooms right now and they will be sapping it of energy. Miss Orchid Girl has videos showing you were to cut - I usually cut just above the first node near the stem. Adding cinnamon to the cut helps stop infection coming in - cinnamon will be your friend as an orchid grower! If you’ve hardly got any roots left still repot and I would recommend adding some sphagnum moss around the top of the orchid bark, being really careful that it doesn’t touch the stem (as that can lead to rot) - sphagnum retains moisture for longer than the bark and creates humidity that the leaves can absorb for some hydration. The increased humidity creates the kind of environment that promotes new root growth, which is exactly what you will want! Depending on your climate, just pay attention to how long the sphagnum is wet for - orchid roots don’t like to be wet for long periods and this can lead to rot. I’m in a cold-ish climate so I remove the sphagnum from around the top if the weather is too damp for it to dry out - phals like a wet-dry cycle as in the wild they grow on trees with their roots exposed! You won’t need to water it until the roots turn a silvery colour (if there are any left. If you have no roots, you can simply mist the sphagnum every few days or more often depending on your climate. If misting, be careful not to get water in the crown - the top part where the leaves come from, and the stem. Misting in the morning helps as it ensures any moisture that shouldn’t be there dries up during the day. Because your orchid is going to be a very stressed plant because of the condition it’s in, I would ensure adequate sunlight but make sure it’s not in direct sun. I was recommended using kelp mix for sick or stressed orchids and it really seems to help mine recover from stress more quickly. Be prepared to be patient. You might not see your orchid do anything for several weeks as they can take a good few weeks to get over their stress. Once they have recovered from their stress, you should hopefully start to see new roots!
It looks almost like it was in standing water and had root rot and then completely dried out. My instinct is to give it a good 10 minute soak in the sink and then let it breathe (do this in the morning, it should be dry by bedtime) and then see. Those with more experience might have some better advice for you though. Good luck!
@malobee has given amazing advice! Now that you’re a new Orchid owner i would advise watching some of MissOrchidGirl videos on YouTube. You can just look up Phalaenopsis (Moth) Orhid care. She has amazing advice, she can pretty much resurrect dead orchids 🤣 Her knowledge of orchids is unbelievable!
@HoyaAddict *goes to follow her channel* 😆
@malobee She’s unbelievable 🤯 I wish I could keep orchids half as well as her!
Thanks ladies!
Just following along for the advice and information! Thank you!
She has had a haircut and got a new outfit (repotted) today. I have watered her new media and now we'll see what happens.

Her roots were interesting... the parts closest to the plant were rotted but the ends weren't, so off they came. She has one long root left, along with a few stubby bits so I am hopefully she will recover in a couple months.

Some of her leaves are more curled under than other orchids I've seen, but they are green and healthy looking so they were left in tact as well. Now only time will tell how she does.

I think it's time to name her, but what 🤔

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