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#WhatTheSuccWednesday Digest
πŸ‘‹πŸΌ Hey #GregGang!

Welcome to another #WhatTheSuccWednesday celebration! If you share the #SucculentSquad's #SucculentLove then you know what to do. Drop photos of all your #Succulents and #Cacti and all the cool things they've grown this week in the comments and don't forget to like and comment on your favs!

🌟 Some sweet succulents posts from this week:

🌸 Check out this flower on @Bifkillerwolf's thanksgiving cactus! The color is incredible. Hopefully it stays confused and makes you a few more!

πŸ§‘β€πŸ”¬ What a fantastic propagation solution @FabRubbercup! I love how the mark of a plant person is how many random things we have plants propagating in. Definitely keep us posted on growth!

🌱 Finally, a hearty congrats to @MissBrittney and @McWifey on their propagation successes! We really love seeing all the #NewGrowth you guys can manage so keep up the posts!

Everyone have a wonderful Wednesday and a productive rest of your week,


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Ahh! Wednesday already! Here is a blooming succ. ☺️ Looks like SPRING!

Don't forget to enter the #GregGiveaway contest today! Show #greggivesback that it's SPRING without saying it's spring οΏΌ
Not much going on here except adding Morgana and Phoenix to the oasis. And lots of photobombing while trying to photograph a new fan aloe. πŸ˜… Good Morning, Drew!
@FitSedum "ugh she's photographing the plants again as if we aren't even here"
@RJG 🀣🀣🀣
A few of mine.
This trailing Jade is amazing. It’s growing so fast.
Oooh I’m contributing today! πŸ€ͺ I’m always in awe of you succulent experts. I have a few base models but I keep quiet most of the time.
I was gifted these three little babies. Actually wondering if I need to chop this #HenAndChicks mama, or chop and let it callous to start again? Thoughts?
I’ll have to repot the jade soon and maybe the #PearlEcheveria too.
Let me know, geniuses of Greg! (And thanks Drew for all you do!) πŸŒ±β˜€οΈβ€οΈ
@KikiGoldblatt wow! I didn’t know there was a trailing kind! 😍😍😍 I need to look up what they look like when they get huge. People keep gifting me jade and I do really well with them. Maybe I need to level up…
SOH that I propped over the last several weeks, and a few pretties from my succ garden #WhatTheSuccWednesday #GregGang #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #NewGrowth
@RealSimpleMama if you can pick off the dead leaves it should sprout babies from the trunk if it's getting enough sun.
@Captjo gorgeous!
@KikiGoldblatt I have that mammillaria too I believe and it's blooming too!
I have so many blooms going on. Most of@these are all new and have not been added to the family tree yet. I just love when my cactus’s bloom. It’s amazing how beautiful the blooms are for a plant that does not want affection. And of course I ran to the store for a specific fertilizer which I bought. Found the receipt and bag from store. But have no idea what happened to the fertilizer. Going crazy 😝 trying to find it but going to have to break down and go to the store again. Hopefully they don’t have any new plants. πŸ’° πŸͺ΄ ❀️
These new stubbies are growing so fast; I just rotated it. #WhatTheSuccWednesday #cacti
My cactus spine is growing so well. I can’t wait to relocate it to the desert sunshine #cacti
My darling lil AIRPLANTS are still hanging on #AirPlant
My BurroTail is really reaching out. #WhatTheSuccWednesday
My Aloe, my Love! I’ve had this plant for well over 6 or 7 years. I have to creatively use sticks to support dropping stalks, so they don’t die. #WhatTheSuccWednesday #SucculentLove
My Elephant tree he’s doing so good right now I guess when I’m happy my plants are happy. When I got him he had one sad leafπŸŒ¬οΈπŸŒ±πŸ’— #WhatTheSuccWednesday
@HyggeVibes I want a Aloe so bad my Mama had hers my whole childhood
@fitsedum I love your new additions - what are the species... And I'm guessing a Graptopetalum /Graptoveria hybrid for the first and a Graptosedum or Sedeveria for the second??? Gorgeous Succs! 😍

Also that Pic makes your puppers look like he/she is double headed! 😲 🀯 πŸ˜‚ ✌🏽 🐢
@GreatNinebark that's very cool looking
@HyggeVibes are you all moved Kim? How goes the transition?
@roxyvivien I didn’t notice that until you mentioned it! πŸ˜…
#succulentsquad I need some help/ ideas from you'all! πŸ™πŸ½

I have this pot of random props that really took off.

I never thought all them would root and flourish this well! πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

They obviously have very diff needs and are outgrowing their pot rn...

Also the growing medium is a micro bonsai mix (very fine particles & 100% soil-less) and now it's drying out every 4 days so I have to switch it up to something a little more moisture retaining.

Currently these guys are under a growlight, but some of them can go outside if needed.

In the mix is:

*Sedervia Serrento
*Jelly Beans
*Elephant Bush
*Variegated Bear Paws
*Oputina 'Thimble Cactus'
*some sort of Graptopetalum ❓ (forgot what leaf it came from)! πŸ˜‚

Ideas for new living situations??

πŸ“Έ I'll post pics of some other succulent friends these guys could live with that need repots too in a comment below! πŸ‘‡πŸ½

Thanks! πŸ’šβ¬‡οΈ
@fitsedum @Propa @sarahsalith @WickedValkyrie @vvvelo πŸ’‘ πŸ’š Ideas? πŸ€”πŸ™‚
@RJG thank you Drew!
(continued from post above...)

Other small succulents in need of a repot for roommate ideas from post above πŸ‘†πŸ½

*Graptopetalum Paraguayense

*Blue Jelly Beans

*Variegated String of Buttons

*Echeveria Orion

*Graptosedum Bronze

⚠ & two more repot arrangement options below!! πŸ‘‡πŸ½
#repotseason #happyplants
@CalitoCarolina Cory, these are gorgeous! I hope you find your fertilizer, but it looks like you don’t need it
@roxyvivien they all look beautiful. It’s now very rare that I pot things together just for the sake of not having to transplant. I didn’t go 100% soil-less because it’s honestly too hot over and humid over here to do that. I tried and my plant died. πŸ‘ŽπŸ½ I think I remember a list somewhere that helps you pair succulents together. I’ll see if I find it and revisit post to share.
@GreatNinebark Eve, he is beautiful and so are you!
(continued form post above) πŸ‘†πŸ½

Roomate ideas for my pot of randoms...

*Blue Echeveria 'Secunda'

*Crassula Moonglow (currently rooting)
@Captjo aww thank youπŸ’—πŸ«‚πŸ«‚I love this community
@roxyvivien those look GREAT! They look like they'd do well together (except for the SOH).

Do you want to have them outside?
@RealSimpleMama is Definitely repot all three this spring - smaller/young succulents need reports sooner than mature ones to encourage growth...

The Semprevivum (Hens & Chicka could use a pruning of dead leaves now that it's coming out of winter dormancy... But also it looks like to could use way more light! That's why it's jumping out of the pot... The leaves should turn upward in a sun happy succulent. (see pic)

Your Jade looks quite happy and will appreciate a new pot.

Go for a taller terracotta one - their roots are bigger and need more room than most succulents & as they age they are very root rot prone so terracotta or cement is best.

Your Echeveria actually looks like a Sedervia Blue Elf (or similar) to to me??? @vvvelo or @fitsedum might be able to ID properly.

The Greg app identifies almost all Echeveria-esque succulents as E.
'Pearl' - but lost are definitely not! (sorry Greg) πŸ˜‰

I'd repot that one too tho. Echeveria/Sedeveria will love a shallow terracotta or cement pot,they are very prone to rot too.

Lastly, I see one yellow leaf on the Echeveria (Hybrid) , I'd remove it and check to see if it's translucent or brown /black at the end, just to be safe! 🀞🏽

Have fun during repot season plant mama! πŸ’š 😊
@sarahsalith thanks! I don't have to have them all outside, they can stay with the growlight, but I do find that Graptopetalum loves outdoors and the Jelly Beans is 100% a sun hog! πŸ˜‚

The Sedeveria Serrento will want more sun too to change to deep colors and unfortunately the Elephant Bush and Variegated Pear Paws will burn with the sun requirements of those others as I have a southwest facing deck πŸ˜”

Oh, the struggles of plant mom life! πŸ˜…
@fitsedum Thank you! I'd love that reference.

I have a book that gives me some ideas, it's called 'Succulent Obsession'....

Honestly, I spend way too much time thinking about my larger arrangements...

Because I love making them beautiful/functional...

Design-friendly and practical is a must... which ain't always easy lol πŸ˜‚

Here's two of my recent fav new arrangements! πŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ™‚
@roxyvivien Why, oh why must you live so far away? I could learn so much from you. Absolutely beautiful arrangements Vivian!
Everyone says β€œhi.” #SucculentSquad #HappyPlants #WhatTheSuccWednesday
Dang rainbow gardens. I saw this yesterday and had to buy it. It was too perfect looking and it’s already about to flower soon it appears.
Just trimmed up my kalanchoe and am going to popegate all of these pieces with lovely aerial roots! Happy #WhatTheSuccWednesday #SucculentSquad !!!
@SirLiquorice I adore Rainbow too!!! I’ve been buying online lately but the one on Thousand Oaks is my favorite nursery.
@roxyvivien maybe it’s time to experiment with some semi hydro succulents!!! πŸ’š I know we’ve talked about it and you mentioned wanting to try πŸ₯° I’ve got quite a few going right now, this is just a couple shelves I’ve got going at the moment I can reach πŸ˜‚ I started mixing mediums, Pon, leca, perlite, and extra pumice and I’m really liking the mixture, the perlite helps with the moisture for the succ’s
AHHHHH 🫣🫣🫣OMG I can’t believe I got a shoutout !!! πŸ₯Ή I will most definitely keep you posted !!
@SirLiquorice simply stunning

Love the baby stalk on my big blue ech
@Dustmite I love how those little yellow flowers look. Looks good with the top layer of rocks too.
@RealSimpleMama have you been to the bandera rainbow gardens? It’s even better! And palm Buddha is another good nursery to check in town.
@RJG they have some others like the one I just got if you ever come to San Antonio. I was shocked it was only $19.99. I’ve been watching instagram auctions lately and they have been selling for much more than that for much smaller ones.
#newgrowth on my SOH
@RealSimpleMama here is a picture of a fully grown trailing jade plant
@SirLiquorice thank you! No I haven’t been to either, i mainly only know the Thousand Oaks Rainbow and then Milbergers.
@roxyvivien I vote you put some jelly bean babies together and move them outside. They LOVE the sun! The ones I have seem like they can't get enough! Lol
Well I’m on vacay but got these today
My snake plants had a lot of babies
@RealSimpleMama milbergers is where I found my bigger pitcher plant. That’s the only place I’ve seen larger ones for sale locally. But definitely check out palm Buddha and the other rainbow location
@TheGoodWench that’s goals! I want alllllll the kinds 😍😍😍🐍🐍🐍
Almost missed another #WhatTheSuccWednesday Babies, flowers, plus bonus new growth.
I almost missed #WhatTheSuccWednesday. Here is my jade putting out new leaves. The first picture is a normal set of leaves. The second picture is a different set of leaves that are growing out at a weird angle.
@roxyvivien here’s what I found. I hope that helps on #WhatSucculentsGrowBestTogether