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Do my succulents need special soil?
Hi y'all. I recently (about 2 weeks ago) got my first 3 succulents, a #PearlEcheveria, a #ClimbingAloe and a #EuphorbiaHeptagona. I've never had these before and I heard that they need their own type of soil? They didn't come in any particularly special soil. But if they do need a different type of soil what should I get and where should I get it? Thanks y'all, have a great night with all your plant babies! #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #succulentsquad #succulents #plantbabies #plantsforever
Welcome to the life of crazy succulent moms and dads lol. Yes the soil needs to be very lightweight and very good drainage. Best of luck and enjoy ur new baby’s
is akadama hard to find where you live? it’s usually sold as a bonsai soil medium but i use it for my succulents. if not you can use pumice instead :) my soil mix is approximately 85% akadama and the remaining part is a mix of crushed lava rock and regular soil.
@cati I agree with @strawberrymoon on this. I always use succulent soil for all my succulents. Happy growing πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸŒ±πŸŒ±
I mix potting soil and coarse sand until I get a slightly sandy soil. I always pot my succulents in clay pots with good sized drainage holes. It might sound crazy, but clay pots (plain without any outer paint/coating) are breathable and help the soil dry out between watering. I also often go for shorter pots, because I find many of my succulents have rather small root balls. They like to be watered heavily (until water comes out the bottom), but infrequently. If you stick your finger into the soil a few inches and it still feels moist, wait to water a day or two.
Well draining soil. They sell succulent soil but I add perlite, coconut coir and poultry grit (granite). I want to try Al's gritty mix which is turface(clay), pine bark and granite

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