Posted 1Y ago by @PetChichipe

Help my Bonsai - Browning Leaves

when i bought my bonsai it looked like the photo uploaded and now it’s loosing its leaves and browning. anyone knows how i revive it πŸ₯² #help #browningleaves #SargentJuniper
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
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Sadly he may be too far gone. How are the leaves are they still soft or super sharp and brittle? Also if you snap off a branch is it bendy at all or really brittle and do you see any green? If it’s all brittle then I’m so sorry but he’s gone. These guys really like very bright light if you can find a spot with direct morning light and afternoon indirect bright light that’s ideal. Also, they are very difficult to keep indoors and it’s recommended to keep outside. I found the perfect spot for mine on a windowsill indoors and he has done fine and has new growth, but to keep them inside you have to be very particular about where their located based on sunlight.
@Nataliesplants some of the leaves are still soft! i’ve changed the position of the plants and placed it by the window. fingers crossed that it will revive itself. thank you for this πŸ₯Ή
@PetChichipe oh good crossing my fingers for you too πŸ’š