Posted 2M ago by @honeybees

green bugs on my plant??
hi! So my lipstick echeveria has been blooming a lot and had some green spots on it which I thought was part of the plant, but then this morning I saw them crawling around! I’m assuming they’re probably aphids, but I have no idea what do to about it, does anyone have suggestions?

(also, as a sidenote, the window is covered in stuff - I was thinking it might be pollen?? But let me know if it might be something else)
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Yep. They look like aphids and the stuff on the window might be honeydew ... which is a cute term for aphid secretions. 😖

Are they just on the flower? It might be easier to remove the stem and treat the plant and the soil for pests.
@sarahsalith Yeah, I think they’re just on the flower. I kinda don’t want to cut the stem bc they’re my favorite part of the plant rn, but it probably will be the easiest solution :-(
@honeybees if you have an incectidal soap, you could use that if you don't want to cut the flower.

Spray it down very other day for a week or so should get rid of them. (: You can probably keep the flower, too!

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