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How to exterminatus fungus gnats?
Practically overnight I've developed an infestation of the little bastards. They've overwhelmed my pinguiculas. I've taken the liberty of dumping Captain Jack's Deadbug (spinosad) on the soil of the afflicted plants, but I ran out 3/4ths of the way. Before I order more, does anyone have a better suggestion on how to make sure any larvae they may have laid in my soil die for good? #fungusgnats #fungusgnatssuck
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Fungus gnats happen generally when soil is kept too damp, too often. Get some mosquito dunks and I add them to a jug of water and let it sit for at least 24hours before I water with it and put yellow sticky traps in your plants to catch the adults as the dunks will only take care of the eggs. I've also heard of people having great success with diatomaceous earth and bottom watering your plants for awhile after its applied.
It was suggested to me (I have forgotten by whom) to use systemic granules for houseplants.

It worked like a charm!
@melodey is there a brand that you recommend?
I would suggest yellow sticky traps for catching adult flys and for the larvae I use hydrogen peroxide and the does the trick for me
@grimmauxillatrix This is what I found at Ace Hardware and use. (I didn't want to wait for an Amazon order lol)
@EuanMorrison214 I'm worried about the hydrogen peroxide hurting my plants' roots? Is there a good water to peroxide ratio?
@melodey thank you, I'll look into it!
@Mandore are mosquito dunks similar to systemic granules?
I am adding hydrogen peroxide to the plant water.
@Pegster is there a ratio you recommend
@grimmauxillatrix No. I measure the amount of water for the plant and then pour a small amount of peroxide. I’m just guessing.
@grimmauxillatrix Sorry for not seeing this but yes I use a ratio of 1 part hydrogen peroxide (3%) to 3 parts water and that doesn’t affect the roots
@grimmauxillatrix sorry, I also missed your response! I havent used SG for my plants so I couldn't tell you if one is better than the other, but know the dunks work for me and they're inexpensive. I've also done the peroxide method with great success in the past.

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