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does anyone know why (what i think are) younger leaves wo...

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20ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 day ago
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Most common reason for button fern leaves browning/crispy is under watering (yellow typically from over watering). However I had a button fern which I know I didn’t let dry out/followed the schedule and I still got brown leaves on some of the young growth. So even though I watered correctly I think perhaps it still wasn’t getting enough humidity that ferns love. Also from what I’ve read juvenile button ferns are very sensitive to too much/too little waterings and may not bounce back. So maybe your plant is relatively young and the new growth is having a tougher time. It’s recommended to cut off the dying growth to prevent issues from decaying leaves. Good luck. I love ferns but they can be a challenge!
@leaf_just_leaf Hmmm 🤔 that a very good question, what is it. To me they look like new growth.
Sometimes a new frond will fail if it doesn't get its needs met while it's developing, whereas the established fronds are ok. I know they like to be kept moist, and like high relative humidity. Has anything changed in their environment? Like could he have been underwatered, or closer to a heat source or moved to a lighter or darker position? 💕🌿
@LuxuryMint i just brought them to a new place/repotted so maybe they are just adjusting…thank you!
@MariansOasis i didn’t know that about pruning! thank you! i’ll keep a closer eye on the water too…