Posted 2w ago by @NotThisThyme

Help! What am I doing wrong with my Bronze Venus Fern???

I cannot figure out what is wrong with my Fern. It has gone from bushy and green to dried up and gotten crispy and brittle and is drooping. It's been like this for a while and it seems like nothing I do is helping. I realized it needed more humidity than it was getting so I put it next to a humidifier. It was also recommended that I give it an epsom salt soak so I did and it seems like it helped bring a little of the green back but now the soil seems like it either won't dry or maybe the epsom salts made it greasy so it seems like it's wet? Should I soak it to "wash" the soil or does it need new soil now? BTW I did these things after it had looked like this for a while so I know neither of them caused it.
@NotThisThyme Hi Jordan, I am just wanting to know how much light your plant gets and for how long? Is it indirect light or direct? You can check the light intensity using a light meter app on your phone. If you are using a humidifier then that is the best way to increase humidity so I would eliminate that as a current issue. What type of water do you use, tap or distilled? Do you soak and allow your plant to dry out a little before watering again. If the soil isn't drying then this can lead to other problems like root rot so,if your plant hasn't been repotted for a while, it could be an opportunity to provide it fresh soil which may perk it up. Or as an alternative some fertilizer but diluted so it is not too strong. They are some initial ideas but more information on light and watering may help. 😀