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Why is this quince flowering in the summer?
My mother in law has a gorgeous flowering quince that I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to propagate and bring over to my house. I’ve tried soil prop every time, and this time I’m trying water. It’s been amazing and so far it is thriving. Then I’m totally shocked to see the flower buds show up. This is not the time of year for this to happen (Usually Feb and March is when this happened in our area)

I’m delighted, but would love to understand why this is happening. Does anyone know why this could be? #PropagationStation #floweringquince #PlantAddict #HappyPlants #CalvinaAsksGreg #PlantsMakePeopleHappy
@calvina light cycle
My best guess is your inside conditions where it's propagating match its blooming season.
@ForFoxSake can you please explain?
@calvina longer exposure to light encourages growth where as shorter exposure encourages blooming. These generally bloom before the days are longer so I’m assuming it’s getting less than 18 hours of light per day.
@ForFoxSake I’m in Northern CA and we are in the longest and hottest time of the year. The prop station is on the sill of the southern window.
@calvina hard to say 😂 there’s a lot of variables. It could be getting abundant potassium or nitrogen also promoting flowering. I think it’s a good sign though lol
Sounds as if you will prop a beautiful plant. The flowers are are so pretty. 😍
@Pegster thank you, @Pegster
When I cut some of my mother's Magnolia limbs and brought them home, they immediately started to bloom. I had them by a grow light in a dimmer corner of my room.

I assumed they were just happy where they were! (:

That's a perfect little bloom! I love the color! 
Love fq I have two one red and one pink. I might make a hedge of them this fall for next late winter.
@Jilliebeanstalk they are so beautiful. I’m the Chinese culture, we love displaying them for Lunar new year. I hope I will have some little ones to display in a pot. I have a white one in a bonsai pot.
@calvina they prop all around

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