Posted 2M ago by @CackyJacky

Is my plant okay?
I notice this scratches on my cactus. Is that normal?
Thanks~ #mooncactus #cactus #plant
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 15 hours ago
@CackyJacky it could be Mealybugs Use this solution:

Mix rubbing alcohol with water in a ratio of 1:3 and pour it into a garden spray bottle. Spray all the cacti that are infested with white fuzz to kill the pests. Alternatively, introduce ladybugs on your cacti to prey on the mealybugs and get rid of the white fuzz on your cacti plants. Use this every 7 days or so. @Gordo what do you think.
Oo ok, I have another cactus, should I keep it separated?
By the way, this is the picture of the cactus
@CackyJacky the top looks perfect. Just looks like the bottom has been marked and the The wounds has just dried and browned over. I think it’s perfectly healthy but just not cosmetically perfectοΏΌ.
Oo okay, thank you very much! 😊
No harm it’s just bruise as I call them ☺️ healed scars from damages so the plant is all healthy!

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