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Treating spidermites: what have you used? Does neem work?

My celebration of defeating gnats was very short lived. After finding a new population of gnats growing in my bedroom plants AND a massive springtails outbreak in my front room plants, my worst fear has finally been confirmed: my new Christmas plants came with spidermites🥲

There are 6 plants that currently require treatment: my #SnakePlant, #Haworthia, #MoonCactus x2, #Croton, and #Aeonium.

If you’ve had spidermites on any of these plants, what did you try for treatment and what finally worked?
If you used neem oil, what ratio did you use to dilute it? I have a bottle but am afraid to use it after adding too much last time and horribly burning my echeveria. #PestControl #spidermites #NeemOil
Yep, neem oil is awesome. It works as pesticide, fungicide, and is also beneficial for the plants health. I use the ready made, organic neem oil Spray, and I wauch for it.

I use it as prevention (every fortnight), and I needed to use it to stop fungus growing on 2 old leaves of my Peperomia. The plant is healthy, no further spread of fungus.

Anyhow, I bought the ready made neem oil Spray from the online shop We The Wild. (So I don't know the ratio.) You may find a similar shop over there.
I tested on one leaf, as required, none of my plants are allergic to it, including my echeveria.
I’m a fan of mite-x (cottonseed oil) because I feel like it’s really effective, but neem oil has helped in the past. It’s up to you, and good luck!
@SvelteKingfern thank you! I’ve seen a few pre made neem sprays available but I feel bad when I have a big bottle of the pure stuff sitting around😅 If I continue to struggle with the ratios I’ll definitely go for a ready made spray like yours next time!
@ThisCalatheaCan thanks that’s actually the first I’ve heard of cottonseed oil! I think I’ll try the neem first since I already have it around but ill keep that in mind for if it fails. Thank you!
@SvelteKingfern we the wild neem oil is what I have been hearing about for days I’m waiting on mine to come :)
I'm really happy with that N.O. Spray. My plants are not allergic to it. It doesn't smell. It's fabulous at killing fungus. The leaves are healthy and shiny after spraying. @DeanLimetuff
You need to do the 24 h one leaf test on your plants though, to be sure that no allergy.
@DeanLimetuff I’ve also heard a lot about that one recently! It’s definitely going on my list of plant products to try out :)
@SvelteKingfern thanks for the suggestion, I’ve actually never seen that one! I’ll keep an eye out for it the next time I’m looking at new sprays!
I don’t use neem oil on these. It’s an oil. I just quarantine the plant after giving it a spritz of liquid Castile soap and water. Wait 5 minutes and then rinse off. You may want to toss the soil and clean the pot too. Set in fresh soil. That’ll get rid of 95% of the problem. Whatever plant you bought that came with the SMs needs the same treatment. The mites are triggered by unfavorable conditions so as long as you keep that plant in favorable conditions, they won’t come back. I’ll add that a monthly bath of the foliage helps as well. I have a velvet frydek that needs humidity at 85% or it gets spider mites. I keep the humidity at 90%. She gets a spritz of soap and water once a month then a rinse. And it’s back into her cabinet. Find out what that plant needs to avoid the return of the spider mites. That’s the best thing one can do.
@AnthuriumQueen sorry I missed this reply, but thank you for the repotting tip. I assumed repotting them would further stress them out and was gonna wait until closer to the end of treatment, but now I’ll definitely make it a priority! Thankfully its only my new plants which have the mites so they’re still in quarantine and desperately need repotting(aside from one I’ve had for over a month and was assumed safe until recently😅) I’ll consider investing in some Castile soap if the neem fails, I’ve heard great things about it! Thanks for the recommendations.
Please repot the plants with fresh soil, so the bugs don’t spread more. There are these little sticky bug traps made for plants.
Found these on Amazon but they may be in some stores