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What is Pothos Water and why is everyone talking about it? πŸ€”
❓I’ve gotten questions on many #ScienceWithGreg posts about #PothosWater! What exactly is Pothos water and why is everyone talking about it?

πŸ”¬Quick Science: Pothos have excess amount of rooting hormones that are water-soluble. When pairing a Pothos cutting/plant/water with a slow rooting cutting, the slow grower will benefit from the Pothos’ rooting hormones and use them to accelerate root growth and overall plant health.

πŸ’§I categorize Pothos water as water that has been holding Pothos CUTTINGS or a Pothos PLANT for a duration of 10-12 days . A rule of thumb when propagating Pothos cuttings or growing a Pothos in water, is to change the water every 8–14 days to prevent stem rotting, algae forming, etc. The interesting thing about Pothos is that they grow indefinitely in water, just as they do in soil, meaning you can leave them in water forever! So there’s really no rush to transplant your Pothos cuttings if you don’t want to, just make sure to change water every now and then.
If you keep your Pothos in water, technically you have an endless supply of #PothosWater.

❗️All of my propagations sit in my East facing room and get 8-10 hours of grow light a day. I keep the room at 70%-85% humidity as well. I chose 10-12 days because it is in between the suggestion time of when to change propagation water and from experience and my environment, I’ve noticed that my propagation water i.e Pothos water gets murky in between the 10-12 day mark. Whenever I notice my water get cloudy during this time period, I will save the water, use a strainer to get any gunk out and then store it in a mason jar. From what I’ve been experiencing, it seems like it’s ready to use, but I have tried letting it sit for 24 hours and did not notice a difference in β€œPotency”.

βœ… The way I use it is I measure (or eyeball most of the time) how much water I’ll use. For example, if I’ll be watering my small succulents, I’ll grab my 300ml watering bottle and fill 150ml with Pothos Water and 150ml with Distilled (50/50 distilled & Pothos) and then use any amount I need. Some will need more so I’ll make more, some will need less so I’ll use whatever I need and leave the rest in the bottle.

πŸ“Œ Pothos water, in simple terms, is the water that holds your Pothos cuttings. Pothos water is filled with nutrients that can be used to help your plants! Check out the tag #ScienceWithGreg for more fun science content made by YOUR fellow #Greggers! 😁🌿
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4” pot with drainage
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This is so thorough, thank you!
Great break down!
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Love this @kscape ...sorry if I helped create a monster for you ...... but a #frankenpothos or #monsterpothos is in the works.....This science is so much better than I remember!!🀣🀣
So I looked up @AlliesTerrarium and I have TWO bluenose rescued pitts that look almost just like her puppers!!! SO cute!! #DogsOfGreg #gregpuppers
@kscape I don't drink coffee. I LOVE me some tea. 🀀
Thank you for this post on #PothosWater!! It’s sometimes confusing to keep up with all the posts that come on Greg so I am definitely saving this for future reference!!
@ShinyBudew Yes I’m so sorry for not posting about this sooner before I started experimenting! I tried finding a way to describe, but I wasn’t too far into #ScienceWithGreg that I didn’t know #PothosWater would be a huge thing!! Now that more people know though, decided to make this post! Thank you for your interest in them! πŸ«ΆπŸΌπŸ’•
@ManyLime I’ve been drinking more tea lately, but I gotta have my strong coffee 😩 tea is delicious though! I prefer it cold πŸ‘€
@PlantEsteem You have to create a monster Pothos! I know @ManyLime started it and others (myself included) joined in on it! It’s so much fun to make an arrangement of Pothos and have all of them benefit from eachother! I already have tons of new growth!
@TJphilobsessed @AlliesTerrarium cutest dogs ever!! πŸ₯ΉπŸ₯Ή
So excited for #frankenpothos!!! I have one more pothos on the way from plant proper ....then I'll have 4 types....muahahaa....🀭🀭
@PlantEsteem your plant collection is AMAZING 🌿✨ can’t wait to see them in your oasis!!! 😁
Oh thank you @kscape your oasis is great too! What a compliment...made my day!!!πŸ₯°πŸ₯°
And... @kscape I got some new some long term #sciencewithgreg is brewing now....πŸ€—πŸ€£'s watering day @kscape ....look at Ronaldo. All like saying HI πŸ‘‹ I #pothoswater 🀣 OK I'll leave you alone now....back to watering...serious face🀭
Hahahaha is the pic. @kscape
Thanks for sharing. πŸ‘
This is perfect! Thank you for spelling out how we categorize it. I am going to keep some pothos growing in water all the time now!
@TJphilobsessed more grey hippos!!! They’re beautiful!
Thanks so much I am totally going to be using this now😊
@kscape I love your experiments. Keep them coming. I am propagating Golden Pothos right now. I cut my down my big poth yesterday. May do some more today.
@kscape here’s mine I’m propagating.
@kscape I just love πŸ’• your posts. They are so very helpful. Keep them coming.
@PlantEsteem Love what you did with the succulents! πŸ˜πŸ˜…
@AlliesTerrarium @OliviaJH23 can’t wait to see your posts!!
@KikiGoldblatt I’m so glad you enjoy them! πŸ˜ŒπŸ’•
Broke today and got a Golden! Just chopped it and am currently making my #PothosWater !
Have you tried Pothos water when taking tree cuttings? I have a tree that I want get some cuttings from and trying to figure out a good rooting hormone.
@WeLovePlants No I have not! Maybe you could give it a try for #ScienceWithGreg? I don’t see any negatives, I see Pothos water more as a plant food/rooting hormone rather than a fertilizer!

The only way of β€œkilling” or harming your plant with Pothos water is if you water too much.
@kscape I will give it try!
I haven’t tried growing pothos in almost a decade, but this makes me think I should get some again, if only to have pothos water available πŸ˜‚

Really cool experiment, and I think the results have been really positive!
@ESylvanus Absolutely agree! Lately, big box stores have been carrying Pothos for pretty cheap! If you’re in the US, I’ve seen Home Depot and Lowes get new shipments of Pothos!
Fascinating! 🀩 I have 3 kittens and a dog and am so sad I can’t have pothos! 😩 lol
#GregFeedback it would be great for users to have the ability to β€œsave” helpful posts like these on our accounts to reference later. Kind of like saving a post on Instagram?
@kaleena Absolutely agree! You should make a separate post 🀭
Right now the way to do it is by copying the link and saving in your notes!

This is how I organize mine 🀭

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