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❄️ In cold weather states, where are you guys buying plants these days? I’m jonesin’ for some newbies.
I’m in the Northeast (Long Island, NY.) I’d like to get out and do some in-person shopping. Nurseries here are mostly seasonal. And 💰. Does Lowe’s have a good selection in winter? #PlantAddict #wishlist #moreismoreismore
In a previous thread someone recommended Trader Joe’s, they might not have the selection you want, but might be worth a try.
@eric They do have some pretty ones.
Search on Facebook for Big Box Store Plant Watch - there are National (and likely local) Facebook groups where people keep a lookout and post cool finds at big box stores! Although from what I’ve seen the more “interesting” plants tend to be sent to the southern regions this time of year
@BJoyce Cool idea! I didn’t know that existed.
@Hypsie this is one I’m in and they have a Florida version too. I’m sure they’ve got a New York one! You can also check out flower shops. Sometimes they have arrangements of plants that go on sale and you could snag several in one purchase!
@BJoyce Than you!!
@BJoyce 👆Who’s better 😂
@Hypsie you Jones in’ 😂 me too.
@Hypsie I've been buying my plants online from Hurt's Gardens here in Ohio, have been pleased with the plants I've purchased
I'm in interior Alaska where basically everything is closed until May, though one is open year round, and two are by appointment right now. I had many shipped before the first freeze, but also got a great plant at Lowes last week and today, found a beauty at the local grocery store, believe it or not! I also find Facebook marketplace in my area has a decent amount of listings for house plants because...well, it's all we CAN have the majority of the year 🤣 but there ARE options out there! Keep looking!

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