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#WhatTheSuccWednesday Digest
πŸ‘‹πŸ» Hey there #GregGang,

Happy Wednesday! Let's celebrate our favorite #Succulent and #Cactus friends the best way we know how...showing off our awesome #Succulents and #Cacti in the comments!

#SucculentSquad and #CactusClique will take it from there! You know like and comment on your favs! Ask questions! Make someone's day better by letting them talk about their plants.

🌟 Succulent Digest 🌟

🐻 Who wants to see a bear paw flower?! Well @CaringGobi has the succulent for you! Such a cool little flower on a very happy plant.

πŸ₯³ Happy Birthday @GreenGeek! What a haul of new succulents!! I think I can speak for my fellow #Greggers when I say you better keep us posted on these new friends.

🌺 Wouldn't be a WhatTheSuccWednesday without some more #BloomingSuccs! Check out @JungleDreamer's awesome flowers all over her cactus garden.

🐍 We love a snake pup!! Check out @Lunatik4's little baby pup just starting to come up from the soil! They grow so fast at the start. I'm sure it'll catch the other spikes soon!

πŸͺ© Finally, what a perfect pot for @Hypsie's newest additions. These plants are clearly going to dance the night away! Thanks for sharing.

I hope everyone has had a productive week thus far and finishes strong and without (too much) stress!

Be well,


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My Achilles had a near death experience involving my husband and a side by side (after which, my HUSBAND almost had a near death experience lol) but Achilles is on the mend!
Gibbiflora and Topsy Turvy are FINALLY opening up, while some other little fellas, loved the evening rains..
Newest friend, Othonna Capensis
Most flowers it’s had at once so far
@SirLiquorice whoa this one is cool as always
@SirLiquorice , omg…those flowers are gorgeous!!πŸ₯° How old is yours? I got mine about 8 months ago, no sign of β€œbuds”, yet. πŸ™
My #HensAndChicks do so much better outside my #CylindricalSnakePlant are having babies and my #SamuraiDwarf has doubled since we’ve moved! It’s a good time!
Must… not…. Water…..

The struggle is real 🀣
I have a new addition that I’m not entirely sure is a succulent it’s a #FairyWashboard that broke into pieces when I repotted it. I’m very excited about this new adventure and I can’t wait to get them into a terracotta planter
Newest additions from this week… as if I need more plants πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ anyways a couple of them like picture two needed some serious rehab πŸ§–πŸ»β€β™€οΈ but I started the process last night when I couldn’t sleep.. so they are now on they’re way to a happy healthier life ✨ β€’pic 1-echeveria pink diamond 🌸 β€’pic 2- sand rose🏜️ β€’pic 3- sedum trelesi πŸͺ΄ β€’pic 4- (Left to right) Sempervivum oddity, crested Chrissy and Ryan, another sempervivem. β€’pic 5- silver spoons πŸ₯„
These have really taken off … πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š
#WhatTheSuccWednesday #GregGang #SucculentSquad #CactusClique #DidthisPlantmakemesick Here’s hoping everyone is having a productive week so far. I have had a little too much exposure to what I believe was a certain plant! I got a huge Red Ponytail Palm last Friday. Upon closer inspection I saw little black spots on it. I immediately thought OH no bugs! So with a paper towel and some water I tried to wipe down the individual leaves sometimes using my bare fingers. So far so good ; Saturday morning I woke up itching all over so it seemed. My skin was inflamed red splotchy. I thought great now you’ve got Poison ivy! I asked Dr. Google and ordered Cortizone 10 ointment, some calamine lotion, and Benadryl Antihistamine tablets. I barely got any sleep the itching was horrendous. I had to keep getting up and walking around. On Sunday after I couldn’t stand it anymore I drove to a walk-in emergency clinic. My original diagnosis was only halfway confirmed bc it could also have been a caustic burn. Okay not really helpful I left with a prescription for an ointment and one for Prednisone which I was not planning on taking! Little did I know! The following Monday was excruciating I applied the ointment to one area and another area immediately began to itch. I saw no option other than to get the Prednisone prescription filled. I spent Tuesday wrapping myself in cold compresses but as soon as the itching subsided a little it started to itch elsewhere like a catch 22. Then this morning I started on the Prednisone therapy one day down and 14 to go! But I am happy to report that the itching is almost gone. Have to see how tonight is going to go. I guess I got totally sidetracked, therefore a second post will follow bare with me!
I thought my #PurplePitcherplant was done for and going dormant. I chopped off two pitchers and the next day, that front green one popped out!
#HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #SucculentSquad #CactusClique Here are the new additions to the Oasis: first we have the Caralluma Speciosa, second is Greenovia Wine Cup, third is the Agave Dwarf Butterfly, the Echeveria Raindrops is last
Just got this succulent.. Pachyveria Powder Puff.
@MercifulMostii pretty ! I love mine, she’s been happy so far 😍
@FirstCanna I joined around the time you put these together and I must say these are so well balanced and have filled out so nicely ! Great work ✨πŸͺ΄πŸŒΈ
I finally got new growth. Here my babies growing so nicely.
@TidyTigerpear I love the colors. The light green blues and pink
New growth and new babies to welcome into the family.
@MercifulMostii thanks ! Me too, I think that might be what draws me to succulents the most ! That and all the fun unique shapes 🀩
@SirLiquorice beautiful color nice and bright.
@TidyTigerpear same here. Love finding unusual succulents
@FirstCanna the are gorgeous love how you arranged them β€οΈπŸ€
@Ms.Persnickety oh my goodness I hope everything is going well. Did you figure out what it’s from
As usually I am late for #succulentsfriday πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ but here are my two plants that I got recently.
@SwiftMedeola I don’t think I’ve even had it for 8 months. But I picked the one at the nursery that seemed like it would get the most buds. I’ve had it for a few months for sure and it’s surprisingly drought tolerant. When the leaves start pointing up it needs water and then they’ll flatten back out. Pretty interesting how they do that.
Repotted this one finally in a custom Kitoi pot I won at auction. It was root bound bad. I’m glad I repotted it now.
More from the last one with the ramen noodle roots that were rock hard. I just busted the terracotta pot to get it out
This one was watered but still looks so dehydrated
I couldn't believe how rootbound this agave was. There was about a tablespoon of soil amongst the roots, it felt like I was untangling Christmas lights rather than potting a plant. I have yet to repot the 4 pups of various sizes. I think I removed about 3/4 of the roots, there was far too much
@Dustmite that’s crazy it still looks so healthy being that root bound. Some plants start getting bad looking and stunted growth I’ve noticed.
@SirLiquorice for real, no reason it should be such a great specimen. And it was putting out great pups despite its challenges. Resilient plant
@SirLiquorice love it. The pot makes it royal πŸ‘Έ πŸͺ΄
My Tradescantia pistachio (yes, these are considered succulents) adopted on Aug 3rd as 3 small (1 or 2 leaf cuttings) that were propped in water for about a month has done quite well. I knew I would love this once it started to take off!
@FirstCanna those are beautiful arrangements...even moreso now that they're growing together.
@FitBrowallia No unfortunately I still don’t know for sure what caused this horrible rash. I strongly suspect that it is from the urushiol oil that could have come from the plant I tried to clean. That oil is bad, bad, bad and it lives on surfaces for 5 years. There’s only one thing that will get it off the skin and that’s a product called β€œZanfel β€œ I hope no one else ever runs into this. You can also test if you touched poison ivy. By doing the so called β€œblack dot test” But be very careful, wearing gloves is essential!!! You tear a leaf in half put the sap on a white piece of paper. If it turns out to be Poison ivy the Urushiol oil will turn black in 30 minutes. That being said I hope nobody will ever need to do anything like that. But it’s good to know!
I also have another #WhatTheSuccWednesday plant that needs showcasing #GregGang I’ve been so preoccupied with my new fish tank that I haven’t really been paying attention to my plants. Hope my #PeperomiaHope has grown leaps and bounds since last #WhatTheSuccWednesday in fact she’s grown so much I’ve had to move her into a bigger home.
@Ms.Persnickety That Greenovia is spectacular!
These are my baby propagated jade plants off a huge mama jade plant 🌱! Just transferred them to soil from water and they are thriving! Very happy with my propagation journey so far πŸ₯°πŸ€ž
Also my rain drops are starting to really drip down! They’re beginning to really settle into my house.
@Dustmite wow! That was a lot of roots!
New homes for these little ones 🌱 they got a good drink & fresh soil πŸͺ΄πŸ€©
@FirstCanna I LOVE doing arrangements with my succulents!
@Lifeis2short very nice🀩🀩
@FirstCanna as are yours 😍