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What is this? #HappyPlants
I found this pretty plant but I’m not sure what it is! Greg calls it a rubber plant but I wouldn’t know for sure. Care tips appreciated 🥰 #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #WhatPlantIsThis
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@iiCyberAlex Welcome to Greg, Alex!

It is a peperomia emerald green.

Plant Care


Peperomia plants grow best in bright indirect light provided by a west or east facing, window. They also do well under florescent lights. Insufficient light causes this slow growing plant to stop growing all together. Direct sunlight burns the leaves.


Allow the top 50% of the soil in a peperomia plant to dry out before watering. Over-watering, causing yellow leaves and soggy stems, is the main cause of serious peperomia problems. Root-rot, which causes the plant to die, is the direct result of over–watering. Peperomia plants do well when watered from the bottom. This technique keeps water off of the leaves and helps prevent plant diseases. The thick leaves of a peperomia hold water and allow it to withstand long periods without moisture.


Fertilize monthly in the spring and summer with a balanced plant food diluted to 1/2 the recommended strength. It’s not necessary to feed a peperomia in the fall and winter.


Warm temperatures between 60°-80°F (15.5°-26.7°C) are best. Temperatures below 50°-55°F (10°-12.8°C) and cold drafts from windows and doors damage the leaves.


Peperomia plants are from the rain forests of Brazil and like a humid environment.


Peperomia flowers are small and inconsequential, growing at the top of tall stalks; it's the leaves of a Peperomia plant that are more interesting.


Use a well-aerated potting soil that drains quickly. Peperomia plants are semi- succulents and do not like wet feet.

Pot Size

Repot only when the roots of the plant have out-grown the existing pot. Always move a peperomia plant to the next size pot only and be sure the pot has good drainage. Putting a peperomia in a pot that is too large allows the soil to stay wet too long and causes root rot.
Indeed🌱, its a beautiful Peperomia Obtusifolia, commonly known as baby rubber plant
I got one of those! Has gotten so big! I just water wen greg says so. Lots light is wat mine loves, south window. Sometimes lil extra bottom water
Peperomia emerald green! So pretty
I agree with @solsplants. You have a beautiful baby rubber plant 💚
I knew by looking it was a peperomia but didn’t know the type. It’s beautiful!

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