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Echeveria propagation ?

Hi all, #Echeveria when is right to plant? Do you bury or cut off?
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Here is my handy-dandy, long winded advice and knowledge on props!! Stages, photos and video links ->


1. New leaf with no roots or pup (place propagation station in bright airy spot)

2.Some leaves are starting to grow roots and/or small pup is forming

3.The mother leaf is starting to shrivel, more rooting (sometimes the roots don't really grow for various reasons) and the pup is getting bigger... some leaves grow roots but no pup, and some grow no pup but they grow roots. Some leaves also just don't survive because they don't want to propagate. It's really finicky and you kinda just have to let them do their thing.

4.Mother leaf has naturally shriveled to a crisp and fallen off (the pup sucked all the nutrients out) and the pup is able to be on its on. If the baby is really tiny, then it may not survive, but that’s just the way the leaves areβ€” they don’t always work. The pups need to be a good size to hold up on their own

Stage 4 is when they need care and attention because now they're on their own. You don't need to do much for them until this stage since the mother leaf if there for them! Once the mother has shriveled up and can be plucked off, the new baby succulent will need its own little space and be watered every few days.
Also, some people like to mist the leaves while they're growing a pup and roots, and some don't, l personally like to spritz them with a little water. For the most part, you leave them be to grow on their own because the mother leaf will do it all.
I've included photos of each stage.

And here’s a propagation video:
When there is a large baby sitting at the end of the lief. But you can pot them any time you want. It doesn’t really matter.