Posted 3M ago by @FullChamisa

My plant is still green but all of the spikes have fallen and gone soft! The bottom leave previously started turning brown, so I had fixed the soil. What should I do?!
2” pot
Last watered 3 months ago
Probably needs more light. Are you letting the soil dry out between waterings? Should get fully dry all the way thru before you water again, might need to snooze Greg.
Also needs a pot with drainage.
Definitely getting too much water! Try adding light and going longer between waterings
@catertots I will deff give that a go! I've been only watering once a month and never had this problem before but maybe he needed a little more time.
@ulabadula I'm going to move him closer to the window! He's been a bit more in shade recently. Thank you!
That sounds like root rot. Make sure you give it draining (this is the most important thing for succulents and their #1 killer). Then water only whe the soil feels dry. It needs very little water.

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