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Any idea why this would happen?
A new leaf on my PPP is coming out kinda mushy. Im gonna chop and prop her soon in hopes of more variegation, but i saw this and got a lil concerned. Yall know whats going on?
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Maybe the plant didn’t have enough energy to produce another sprout? Or maybe it realized that it wasn’t worth making a new leaf there
@PlantyPlanter should i leave it alone for now and see what happens?
@Mayormccheese I would! Just keep an eye on your plant and make sure everything is ok! Is this plant full sun?
@PlantyPlanter it only gets a couple hours of direct sun in the morning. Besides tht it gets indirect light all day
@Mayormccheese that side where that part was, what amount of sun does it get?
@PlantyPlanter thts the side tht faces the window. All the leaves are kinda pointing in tht direction lol im not gonna lie im not good about rotating my plants
@Mayormccheese that’s fine! I’ve never rotated a plant in my life! Ok so maybe it was just the plant being a plant? But if everything else looks fine then I wouldn’t worry and just keep an eye on it! Happy planting! 🌿
@PlantyPlanter we'll see what happens lol but for the money i paid for her she should be pristine lol thank u for ur help!
Had it been especially hot the days prior to you noticing the leaf? When they’re that small the leaves are very delicate. It could have gotten sunburned. My feeling is that it won’t grow normally and could fall off or be malformed when the leaf opens up. You can wait to see how it does, or go ahead and prop your plant now by cutting below that leaf, past the spot where the aerial roots are. If the rest of your plant is strong and healthy I don’t think you have to worry about that little leaf.
@StringPlayer no drastic changes as far as temp goes. Are the nodes those little black dots tht pop out? One reason ive waited to chop and prop her is cuz im not rly sure where im supposed to make the cuts
A node is where a leaf attaches to the stem. The little black dots are the beginnings of aerial roots. I found a pretty good explanation for propagating PPP’s that I hope you find useful.

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