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Ok! I found a pest!
I noticed that some of Sapphire’s leaves were browning and had holes in them. So I checked for a pest and I found tiny brown bugs on her. I also found brown spots under her leaves. I found little ones as well. She has been taken away from the other plants to ensure they're safe as well. But what do I do?! #PestControl #pest #pestID #SadPlant #MiniatureRose #ChinaRose #Rose #spidermites
@sarahsalith you tend to have answers? Can you help? Sorry for the ping

After more investigation I found webbing. I think it might be Spider do I get rid of them? I heard that I can spray a mild soap-water solution on it...does that work?
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From the second and third picture, it looks like you MIGHT have spider mites.

Spider mites are so small, they are hard to see. You usually see what's left behind, or webbing that's about an inch or two long (nothing intricate and beautiful like a real spider web - these are more inconsistent and short and messy).

I know you love your rose (and you should- it's gorgeous!) so I'd pay careful attention to gently wiping down the leaves and getting a good insecticidal spray. Pay close attention and spray every other day for a good two or three weeks. 😊
Please don't apologize for tagging me! I LOVE this app and I LOVE plants and I LOVE the people that use this app! 😁 It's an honor to be tagged.

My first thought was aphids. I get those sometimes with my roses (those and those danged Japanese beetles!).

You need to be careful with the foliage of roses, they are prone to mold and mildew so make sure if you get the leaves wet, the plant is near a fan or something to help dry the leaves. That's why you aren't supposed to water your roses at night; water them in the mornings so the water has time to evaporate.

Can you get another picture of the second and third pictures? I want to get a better view of the spots on the stems and the specks on the backs of the leaves.
That last picture looks the least concerning of all: it looks like the leaf got bent just a little. 😉
@sarahsalith will the soap water work for aphids too?
@sarahsalith would Aphids also cause webbing? I'm sorry I've only ever dealt with fungus gnats, and they were pretty easy to get rid of. I hear that both Aphids and spider mites are hard to get rid of
@ChaosPlains aphids don't have webs. They just eat the MESS out of plants.
@sarahsalith I put cinnamon and soapy (not too soapy) water on the leaves. I read that that works but idk! I realize I probably should have asked first! 😰
@ChaosPlains that should work. Just a little not of soap in water will dislodge them. If you can get your hands on real soap like castile (and not detergent like Dawn), that's best. A pint of water and just a drizzle of soap. (:
Hey, I know if the other stuff doesn't work azamax should. I'm not familiar with this plant but I know that cannabis growers and indoor plant people use it so it might be worth a shot if all else fails.

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