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Recommendations for small terrarium plants?
Hello! I’m new to Greg and hoping some people may be able to help me. I’m looking for small-sized terrarium plants that will do well in a closed glass tropical-adjacent environment. The temperature and humidity of the setup fluctuates between 65-80°F and 50-75%RH. Plants that aren’t too finicky are preferred, and something without too robust a root system as the soil will only be 4-6” deep at most. They’re for a gargoyle gecko enclosure, so any recommendations native to Oceania/New Caledonia would be fantastic! I’ve spent hours combing through web pages and databases but nothing compares to the help of a real human with knowledge and experience. Thanks! #Terrarium #bioactiveterrarium #smallplants
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I’ve had good success with small Spathiphyllum species with my crestie. Dwarf mondo grass did surprisingly well once established, too, but only one out of three plants seemed to make it through the initial transplant phase. I had to tear everything down due to ant infestation, but I’m culturing some creeping fig and selaginella that are doing well in their grow-out tubs. I’m hoping they’ll establish well once I get the tank going again.

I’ve had success with pothos in the past as well—it was the only plant that could survive with the turtles 😂 It’s super adaptable, so it should do well for a garg!

I’m afraid I don’t know of any plants that are native to New Caledonia, but I would love to know if anyone else knows of any!
Ooh!! Earth stars are good! And they are super easy!
@sarahsalith thank you! Crypanthus, right? Are they ok with soil that doesn’t drain super well? The substrate is similar to potting mix (a blend of humus, peat moss, sand, and carbon; though I don’t know the exact ratios) with a drainage layer of small rocks and then hydroponic clay balls at the very bottom to absorb drained water and slow-release it back into the substrate. I have an asparagus fern and rabbits foot fern in a similar setup that seem to be doing well!
@ESylvanus thank you soooo much, this is very helpful! I’ll look into the species you recommended!

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