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Rescued Alocasia “Jungle Cat” or Zebrina -Advice?

Hey friends! I saw these (labeled “Jungle Cat” but could be a Zebrina) in Home Depot a few weeks ago and I was waffling about whether to get one, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so when I got paid yesterday, I went straight to get one. But there was only one left, and it is clearly sick. See photos. I bought it anyway because I think I can nurse it back to health, especially with the help of my fellow #Greggers! I’m planning to treat for fungal infection and spray the roots with peroxide. The green leaves are curled, I’m thinking a humidifier would help? The yellow leaves are obviously coming off. Anyone have any other suggestions for me to help this poor baby live its best life? 🪴🌿💚 #HappyPlants #GregGang #GreggersSupportingGreggers #PlantAddict #AlocasiaAddicts #Alocasia #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantTherapy #babevila
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Sounds like you have it covered for what needs to be done. Leaves may be curled from lack of care and watering properly. Wish you the best in getting you new plant healthy before adding it to your collection. 🤗
@CourtlyKingfern Thank you as always! ♥️ I can tell it was severely overwatered. I’m hoping the roots are still nice 🤞🏻
@BabeVila are you planning on letting her settle for while under a growlight? Distilled water flush? I think you really have most thing covered. Quarantine, I assume you have considered already. 🤔 can't really think of anything major at this stage as you have already thought it through pretty well. I love plant rescues, they can be so rewarding so all the best 👍
@Seymour Yes I am keeping her under a grow light and quarantined. Didn’t think of the distilled water flush though! Thank you! 😊 Is that something i can google for instructions? I do have distilled water I can use. I have a humidifier next to her right now.
@BabeVila I usually give new plants a water flush using distilled water to remove any mineral buildup that may be in the soil (eg from nurseries using tap water), it is often a good idea to flush the soil every so often to reduce any build-up and because I like to let the plants settle before repotting into new soil, I do this as an interim measure. But more because carnivorous plants don't like minerals and I have found, that when I have tested the water running out of the soil of newly arrived plants, the ppm mineral readings are generally high. So after a few flushings, it reduces it sufficiently. It may be overkill but it does not harm the plant. And as you are going to treat the root with H2O2, the flushing shouldn't affect the treatment of root rot. I just think it gives the plant a better start. It's a bit like us drinking a lot of clean water to flush out our own systems, I guess. Anyway, it's just a thought, you've covered things pretty well 👍😀
@Seymour makes sense! Thank you! 😊
@BabeVila I was there a few days ago and noticed how crammed some of these plants are. They can’t be getting proper oxygen and light! And the lady there told me they water EVERYTHING no matter what. They never check to see IF it needs water. So it sounds like you have it covered. I can’t wait to see how it bounces back for you! (And PS you keep posting these alocasias and it makes me think maaaaybe I can take one on. But you know, I also think “maybe” one day I can sky dive despite my fear of heights. So we shall see!😂)
Hi! I agree, I would check the roots first. Yellow leaves to me mean too much water and the curling means not enough humidity at the same time. And I don’t think it’s a zebrina! 🌱☀️❤️
@RealSimpleMama the roots are beautiful! Long and white. So that’s good! I treated with peroxide and she is luxuriating next to a humidifier now 🤗 Do you think she is a “Jungle Cat?” That was on the label, but I was googling and can’t find anything about them!
@TheOddAsity omg they have them packed like sardines! And the one I go to doesn’t even have a clearance section so I guess they just throw out anything that loses its appeal which only happens because of their negligence. Ughhhh makes me upset. I need to find an affordable nursery near me and go there instead. Haha anyway, I was terrified to get an alocasia too, but I took the plunge when I saw a Polly I fell in love with. We had a bumpy first few months, but he is doing great now! I say do it! You’ll learn as you go and you have this whole community to support you! 💚💚💚
@BabeVila the lady at home depot and Lowe’s told me to always ask them. Like if a leaf is yellowed like that, ask them. They have discounted anywhere from 10% to 70%. I ALMOST got an alocasia on Wednesday. But I didn’t. I was scared. But you’re right, I have a great group of people (ahem @RealSimpleMama) to support me when I do take the plunge!
@TheOddAsity I asked for a discount, but the customer service guy said they couldn’t because it was from a vendor. 😢🤷🏻‍♀️ I was pretty bummed because it wasn’t cheap for me, but I was getting it either way
Suggested I use smart pots fabric pots they call them smart pots because the roots air Prune so no root bound issues and gets a lot of air exchange
@SportCobnut awesome, thank you! Googling now 😊
@BabeVila i am pretty ignorant about such things but is this your plant? I love the stripes on the stem! I would love to have answered this riddle...but at least you might be able to check if it is a jungle cat 🐅🐯
@SportCobnut I know they are called smart pots but are they just pots made out of a good wicking material? That's how they appear to me if I found the right ones. I thought you might be able to confirm this if you have one as I am experimenting with different methods of self-watering and wicking when it comes to pot plants. The smart pots look similar to the felt garden bags I bought cheap at the local gardening centre. Just interested.
@Seymour yes, it is! It must be a new cultivar or something, there is so little info out there! But I love it so much. It’s already looking so much happier 🤗
@BabeVila Hey Shannon, that's cool to know and an intriguing name. I found the jungle cat referring to another species but i think this was the only Alocasia. It's thrilling to know you have already resuscitated it, by the sounds of things, as it is a fascinating looking plant. 😀👍
@Seymour haha that meme is right on point! And I hope I’ve resuscitated it; it seems to be very happy now after I cut the yellow leaves off, treated the roots with peroxide, sprayed some Captain Jack Copper Fungicide for good measure, potted her in a custom soil mix of indoor potting soil, orchid bark, lava rocks, perlite and lots of cinnamon to combat any current fungal issues. And once I put her near a humidifier and grow lights, she uncurled her leaves and just looks majestic now! I named her Kalani, which is a Hawaiian name that means heaven or royal one (according to google). I also just love that name lol! It’s beautiful like my plant 💚
@BabeVila no wonder she is much happier, after being cared for in what sounds like an intensive care unit 🏥. Although you did mention any WeAreWild product with worm castings so I'm afraid no 5% commission this time LOL 😂😆 I love her name as she is a regal Queen of the Jungle 🐅🐯🫅 And I love you choosing a Hawaiian name, Kalani. Reminds me that when Nicole Kidman was born, she was given the Hawaiian name "Hōkūlani" , meaning "heavenly star" and you can see the names look similar (maybe a heavenly association) so a bit of a celebrity connection 😉 Look forward to photos when she makes a full recovery ☺️
@BabeVila I didn't know if you wanted to add you name to this post in recommending our favorite plant fertilizer but trust me, I am not a sale rep for them 😉