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Why is my #swisscheesevine getting leggy?
A little while ago it threw out like 4 leaves really quickly and close together. Then the latest ones have come in further and further apart and are slower and slower to grow. As you can see, the last two's nodes are rooting hard.

I was going to repot it one more time this season and give it a pole but now I'm not sure if I should give it a rest, or chop and prop it a little.

The only change it has had is that I gave it plant food. Could that have done it? I have also noticed the soil is drying out faster than it had been, but I repotted it twice in the beginning of the year (first into soil, then into a better pot).

I was already on the fence about a third repot, so now I have no idea what to do.
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4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
I think probably not enough sun but I'm not a professional
If it’s dropping older leaves that can be water or light (sometimes natural progression too). If it’s throwing out runners that usually means it needs more light and/or humidity.
@planntpaarennt @GardenWitch I haven't moved the plant, so it's had the same sun. I guess technically it's changed a little as the seasons have changed, but again, it's been only a month or so so I can't imagine it's been that much. Maybe it's the humidity πŸ€”
I suggest giving it more light. Plants get leggy when they are reaching for the light source.
@PlantMompy more light for sure. Good call. If you have a light/ moisture meter, that’s always a good tool. You can check it as seasons change πŸ™‚

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