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The best way to water succulents?
So basically recently I ran across this video from this very popular plant Instagramer who stated the best way to water succulent plants is FULL submersion. I tried it with my String of Turtles. In my honest opinion I had to be extremely careful to not let the soil seep out of the pot. Do you feel like this really is the best way to water succulents? Please share your experience with me. #SucculentSquad #SucculentLove #wateringtips
I struggle with submerging as if any of my cacti/succulents have any damaged on them the water expose to it will cause it to rot, I just bottom feed 👌🏻
I'm to impatient to bottom water my string of pearls.. I just water it from above and make sure the pearls aren't dirty afterwards, works good for me ^^
I top water all of mine. I haven’t had any issues at all by top watering. I have been doing that for a year now.
@KikiGoldblatt Same here! I only top water and haven’t had any issues.
Top watering works for me
I usually bottom water I think the plants I top water are fine but bottom watering feels better to me
I like soak and dry method. I think this is the best!

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