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How do i know when to water my braided lucky baboo, (Heav...

0ft to light, indirect
8” pot without drainage
Last watered 2 months ago
It’s fine to fertilize it, but don’t use Miracle Gro, even if it sounds good. Idk if there are any non chemical fertilizer sticks
I know bamboo can grow in water but be careful with no drainage because my lucky bamboo was in a pot with no drainage over a year and just recently died from root rot
@LuxuryTreeonion Lucky Bamboo plants are very low maintenance and can last a long time showing continued growth in the leaves that grow up tall, keep it in indirect sunlight area or one where it just gets 1-2 hours of sunlight otherwise the leaves will turn yellow and eventually crisp brown because the sun burnt them. I keep mine in a glass cylinder bowl in two inches of water, and it gets a new water change if the water starts to discolor a bit or bowl gets cloudy, otherwise it gets more water when it nearly low and the roots are out of the water. I have two that I recently bought in February and the leaves have been growing up quickly and they are both healthy. Every time I use the liquid fertilizers that they sell for them I find it killed and rotted them and the two new ones replaced two I had for years that I never fertilized and when I did use the liquid they went down hill fast. They can also live in dirt, that’s why there are no drainage holes and there are stones on top for some absorption. However, I never chose one that was planted in soil like a Bonsai, I’ve kept all mine in water because it’s styled like a pineapple.
If the pebbles in your beautiful Dracaena are sealed (or glued together), then there is probably no soil underneath those pebbles. This plant can grow indefinitely in water. One of the pros of growing plants hydroponically is, you don’t have to worry about overwatering. πŸ™‚ Your roots will stay healthy as long as you keep the water level up. But, because the rocks are glued together, you really can’t see the water level. ☹️ You can’t determine if the water is covering the roots, so try to keep the water level close to the rim of the pot. Also change the water regularly, just like you were propagating a plant.
πŸ’¦ Don’t use tap water. All Dracaena are very sensitive to the chemicals in tap water. Use filtered, purified or rainwater.
▫️Also, only use fertilizer for hydroponic or semi-hydroponic growing houseplants.
▫️Consider converting it to semi-hydroponics: Those pebbles are only decoration. Consider removing the pebbles and replacing it with Lechuza-Pons or LECA. I personally prefer Pons over LECA, because pons will feed your plant for 6 months, help keep it standing straight and they hold water, ( it can water your plant when necessary).
πŸ™But, your plant is beautiful just the way it is. I hope your beautiful braided Dracaena will live long and prosper.
@SensationalKoa It’s so pretty.