Posted 1M ago by @Caroline212

I just recently reported my Hoya plant and noticed a new leaf come out this color… Could it be a new variegation??  #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #NewGrowth #variegatedplants #PlantAddict #PlantAddict #PropagationStation #GrowLights #PlantShelfie
It could be some new variegated leaves or it could also be it’s light-stressed! Many leaves tend to change color (red or purple) when they have been exposed to a lot of light, but as long as they’re not scorching, there should be no problem! 🤗🪴💕
The new leaves on my Hoya look like this when they are closer to the grow light, they turn green eventually when they get bigger 😁
Probably not verigation. 😊

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