Posted 4M ago by @user237b8042

The stem has gotten brown and feels very flimsy- is it dead/dying and is there anything I can do to save him? I repotted it a few weeks ago with cactus soil for reference. Thanks!!
3” pot
Last watered 4 months ago
Sorry but RIP your moon cactus. It looks like he’s overwatered. Touch the base, is it squishy? If yes, overwatered. Sadly the moon is only a graft and can’t live without the base cactus.
@AllieTerrarium thank you for replying! Yes it’s squishy, I think you hit the nail on the head. RIP Gimley πŸ’”
@user237b8042 If it helps, I’ve never been able to keep a cactus alive. But I can repeat the usual: make sure to let them dry out and especially for people like us β€” drainage is a must.
They are really hard to care for sometimes don't be discouraged
They usually die because they are grafted together

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