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does anyone know what causes this? I’m a super beginner plant parent 😅 any tips are appreciated!
It looks pretty happy to me! Yellowing can mean overwatering, but for a lot of succulents having the lower/bottom leaves yellow and fall off is pretty normal even when they’re healthy. You could probably just pull it off (carefully) and your plant will continue to thrive :3
For a past zebra I had, yellow, squishy bottom leaves were due to overwatering. I ultimately couldn’t save it from being too wet so I had to let him go :( I bought a new one recently and am watering verrrry sparingly. It’s good that your pot has drainage! That will help!
is it squishy? if it’s squishy it’s likely overwatered- the soil looks quite moisture retentive which succulents don’t like
Thanks everyone! It is likely overwatered. It has done this frequently & I at first worried I wasn’t giving it enough water. Also, I don’t know anything about soil differences so I suppose now is a good time to learn!
There’s a lot to learn, and it never stops! You can get crazy deep into the weeds just on the topic of soil alone. @RJG is one of many who mixes his own to suit his plants’ needs. He might know some good sites to reference. There are lots of pretty reliable pre-mixed options out there to buy, too. It takes trial and error and love. Have fun!

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