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What’s the best soil for a Gollum Jade plant I just recei...

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This is the soil I use and have in my gollum:
And then I add extra perlite (from Walmart). They like their soil gritty. I also tend to water mine every 3-4 weeks usually, when the soil is completely dry! I check throughout it to make sure it’s dry before watering (needs a gooood draining pot). Jades also tend to not like tap water, they will secrete extra salt from tap water out of their pores, so it’s good to water them with rain water, or you could boil some water (let it cool before watering) or also just purified water is good. Tap isn’t bad necessarily, but just know that it may secrete stuff through the pores from the water. I would give it time to acclimate before watering, get it potted and in a nice spot, then after a few days give it a good heaping drink and let it drain. 🌱🫢

Here is another soil mixtures I’ve heard suggested:

And some rocks that could be added for extra grittiness:
I mix my own now. I used the miracle gro cactus soil but the gnats in miracle gro have been awful the last three bags I bought. I use a potting soil mixed with orchid bark and perlite.
@pjnorman you guys are lifesavers thank you so much for helping me and my green babies!!! I’ll be posting their progress I ordered them from off of Etsy from someone selling online in California and they are so expensive when they are bigger idk why ? But they sure are beautiful
Thank you so so much you’ve really helped me green the concept of what I need to do I was lost I just received these babies today and they came with no pot or soil I went out and I bought a large ceramic container I’ll post the pics soon of their progress thank you once again !!!!