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The internet confused me more, so I’m coming here instead. 🌿 Growth habit of WPP & PPP 🌿
Can someone please confirm for me if the Philodendrons listed at the end of this post are classified as:
β€’ Vining
β€’ Climbing
β€’ Self-heading
β€’ Creeping

I’ve literally read conflicting information across various websites for the plants specified below. It would be really helpful to understand clearly what their growth habits are so that I can start training the climbers on a pole or trellis. Thanks so much!

⭐️ Philodendrons on trial:
1. White Princess Philo.
2. Pink Princess Philo.
3. Painted Lady Philo.
4. Ring of Fire Philo.

Pic of my baby WPP and my painted lady for tax πŸ˜™πŸŒ±
#PhiloFlock #PhilodendronPinkPrincess #philodendronpaintedlady #philodendronringoffire #philodendronwhiteprincess #Philodendron
Best Answer
All of those you listed are climbing.

You could give your painted lady something to climb on, but I'd let your White grow more first.
@AwesomePlants is the #PhiloQUEEN! Maybe she has some ideas.

I believe they are either self heading or vining.
@jcPlantProper would know too.
Vining example:

You can pole these as well or let them drape
All climbers for sure!
Self heading example is a Birkin. Crawler examples would be gloriosum and plowmanii.
@AwesomePlants @jcPlantProper thank you! I appreciate your help!
@lazyplantparent Our pleasure! Can't wait to see your philo babies grow!
Thanks @AwesomePlants and @jcPlantProper! Y'all taught me something!

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