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Propagating tips? (:

my first time! Hopefully everything is a success πŸ˜„I definitely want to add some more cuttings. #Propagation #PropagationStation #NewPlantMom #NewGrowth #GoldenPothos #pothos #PlantAddict #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #peacelily #CuttingsClub
Don't change the water too often! There's rooting hormones in there that will help it root itself. Just refresh the water, because eventually the water gets stagnant and it could rot. Beautiful cuttings, though!
@LittleSongbird is once a week too often? That’s what I was aiming for! Thank you so much πŸ«ΆπŸΌπŸ™‚
@newlyplantmama It should probably be fine, but personally I do only about every 2 weeks or more! But it won't harm the development, so you can do that for sure!
@newlyplantmama. My pothos cutting loves her life on my windowsill in water. I change her water every 2 weeks or so. She did amazing with that routine!! I want more cuttings, too!!!!
I use distilled or treated water (with aquarium treatment) and add some liquid root supplement from Amazon! I also grow other things with pothos cuttings because they produce their own rooting hormones that help other cuttings along. I started getting algae at some point w mine on the windowsill. I kept them there but cleaned out the vessels with hydrogen peroxide and water. The algae was stuck to the roots unfortunately. I wish I’d managed it sooner
I agree with @PlantSuccer, I add an already rooted pothos prop in water to other cuttings because it helps it root quickly. I also use treated water (aquarium treatment).

Happy propagating. 🌱☺️