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Experiment 7: Golden Pothos & Lemon Lime Philodendron 🌿
Hello there, #GregGang 👋🏽

🌿This experiment was too good not to share because I see FAST RESULTS⚡️⚡️I was sent #PlantMail from @sarahsalith on July 18, 2022 and received the most beautiful #LemonLimePhilo cuttings I’ve ever seen…SO I got to work! 😌

❗️I took two cuttings and started rooting them. Cutting A rooted in 100% Distilled water. Cutting B rooted in 50/50 Distilled & #PothosWater.
*Pothos Water is literally water used from propagating!

📸Look at these results! Cutting A on the left, Cutting B on the right! They’re both rooting (and could be because they’re very healthy looking cuttings 🤩) but the #PothosWater is definitely accelerating the growth of Cutting B! ⚡️🌿 *click the image to see captions

Absolutely love #ScienceWithGreg 🥰
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2ft to light, direct
4” pot without drainage
Last watered 11 hours ago
Best Answer
🤯oh my! I'ma have to start saving my Pothos water
DANG! Look at those roots GROW!!!
@sarahsalith I knowwww! Im so excited to have a pot full of lemon lime philodendron one day 🥹🥹
Man! I'm saving my pothos water. This is absolutely fantastic
@ManyLime We’ll have jars on our shelves and our families will be confused 😂
@tango as long as they don't drink it lolllll

I was actually thinking... I reported my mom's golden pothos.. it was a crazy root mess! It must have been root bound and just taken and put in another put and root bound again because I found roots circling in several layers. I had to cut some to get thru and STILL couldn't get to the center to get all the old dirt off. I wondered if putting those roots in water would do anything.. be useful later.. but after 45 minutes of fighting, I threw everything but the plant(almost threw the plant too) in the trash.
Repotted... should have reported it for being a hot crazy rooted mess. 🙄🙄🙄
@ManyLime oh I didnthink of that. 🤣👀 And wow about that pothos. 😅
By pothos water are you talking about the water that drains from the container after watering?im so curious right now lol you have my full undivided attention 🤣
@Vjunc Not quite! The water used for propagating Pothos. After Pothos cuttings have sat in your water for 9-12 days, instead of changing the water and throwing it out, you can use that water by filtering out the gunk and using that by diluting it with water (h2o) to WATER (action of watering) YOUR PLANTS
@kscape thank you I’ll try it out!

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