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My jade is wrinkled and losing its leaves. How can I make it beautiful? πŸ₯²
The leaves have turned so flat even though I am trying not to overwater this plant. I tried watering it today. #dying #elephantbush #jade
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
It is already beautiful lol. But has problems.

Jade plants, in nature, stores water in their leaves to be able to survive drought. I think that that is not what an overwatered jade plant is supposed to look. So prolly under watered
wrinkly leaves on succulents usually means they’re under watered. i can’t see too clearly since the photo is a bit dark but the leaves seem to have thinned out as well which means they’re thirsty! i think you can give this plant a drink. i like to water my succulents once their leaves start looking thinner and feel more pliable :)
I also think it’s not getting enough water. It also looks like it’s not getting enough light.
Had this happen to my jade plant - water it and it will get back to normal
You have to water it more. Just use soak and dry method. Also it seems like the plant does not get enough light.
@vvvelo You make a great point. I think it only gets a few hours a day of indirect sun. I’ll put it in the window. Thanks!
@Dems I will start watering it more!
@strawberrymoon Thanks for the response. It says water every 13 days for this plant, is that suggestion for healthy plants? should I increase watering while it’s parched like this (every 7 days instead) until its ok?
@calvina thank you for the help! I will move it to more sun.
I think this plant is called Elephant Bush, not technically Jade. I agree with everyone about light and water. I think it will be ok.
@SabelleTo this plant was so juicy when I got it. I treated it like my cactus πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«
@Hypsie Oh thank you! I’ll look it up!
I just got a few myself (on clearance at Lowe’s) and they look like yours.
@Hypsie oh no, her plant is a Crassula Jade. It looks different compare to your plant. Her plant looks similar to my Jade Sunset. @Blackthumbs make sure that the water is coming out from the drainage holes when you water the plant. On your photo the soil looks damp. As you can see on my photo the soil is dry. And this is what I do to keep my Jade in a good condition. I watch the leaves. As soon as I see that they are drying and have wrinkles- this is the time to water it. Now (in winter) when it is cold I try to water my Jade using soak and dry method and keep the plant underwater Ed for a lil bit. I usually try to keep my Jade dry for two weeks or even longer. It always depend oh how mush sun it gets, and how fast the soil dries. My Jade gets afternoon and evening sun, cuz I placed it next to eastern glass door. And 1.5 meters from the southern window. I hope this long comment makes sense. And #happyplanting
@vvvelo Thank you for this post! I will implement every step given. Your jade is so unflat and well taken care of lol. I’ve been under watering it given this information. I’ve been wondering it possibly once a month and 1/2. I’m surprised my shriveled jade is still alive knowing how to take care of it now.
@vvvelo Vladimir may be right. It’s hard to tell the difference between these two. Follow his care instructions and you should have a plump, healthy plant very soon!
@vvvelo gave solid advice!! These plants definitely drink a bit more than other succulents and they do like as much sun as they can get!
i just bought a jade yesterday from next and it was really really underwatered! mine looks exactly like this, i suggest watering it ^^
Definitely underwatered, had the same problem myself. Place it in a a container of water until the water soaks up through the top of the soil.
It looks a little under watered, I would shpritz it with water and then water it :)

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