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It would be helpful to add a comment to pics we take for plant moments. I know we can select from New Growth, and Fertilized, but note like “survived murder cat attack” or “fell of the shelf, again” would be great 💬. #GregGang #suggestionbox
🤣🤣 that would be great!
I can empathize with “survived murder cat attack” 😂
@ESylvanus 😸😈
yes agree
agreed! i have some that are under ~special care~ right now that maybe could use a comment or too, haha

also…ayyyyyy east northport! i grew up in greenlawn
@perin omg another one! I grew up in Huntington station
Fell off the shelf hits home 🤦‍♀️ a plant journal is a super highly requested feature and is absolutely on our list of features to build! Keep these great ideas coming 🧠
@Kiersten On the daily 🪴 🤸‍♀️
@Kiersten I was thinking more like adding text to the photo when we take a “moments” picture that shows in the story up top. But a plant journal would be great too.
@Hypsie Ooh that too! We have plans to upgrade the moments camera to make it more similar to the Instagram stories camera, with text and drawing!!
@Kiersten That would be so fun!!!
Agree! That cat one truly should be an option. 😂😅
Which plant is your murder victim?
@JuJuBeans The Chuckle Patch omnom There used to be more plants and less teeth marks. Now she’s after my leaf propagation tray. 😈😺
She’s very discriminating has her favorites, 🤔
@JuJuBeans Yes! It’s so weird. Maybe bc the soil is exposed. I think she needs to dig and it’s too ❄️ 🥶 outside.
We’re exploring a timeline view now!

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