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Any ideas or anyone saw this kind of symptom on his Alocasia black velvet ? Not sure why this is happening. Experts please help. There was another leaf turned the same, it looks like wilting, yet I’m sure about the water levels
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 months ago
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Fungal disease. Check the roots if they are fine (white color). You have fungicide?
No I don’t have fungicide, this sounds strange, I’ll check in the morning the roots, it’s night here, thanks man for your help
@RJG can you help here man ?
sorry I have only one alocasia and it sometimes loves be and sometimes hates me so I'm not a good source. I would trust @cjred
It looks like fungus or root rot to me. Have you tried rooting on a heat pad? I’ve found it keeps them from rooting when I’m trying to root them. That has helped my new root growth a lot! Also you could try rooting in a warm humid environment. Like a moss prop box
I’m sorry but what is the heat pad? Also for the moss I have sphagnum dried moss, you recommend planting it there instead of the current soil ?
@RJG oooh thanks
@Hmoursy btw as for all alocasias airflow is very important over humidity also they are heavy feeders which means have to fertilise or topup worm poop/compost every month.
@cjred I’m gonna make the following mix: 1 part perlite, 1 part orchid parks, 1 part coco peat, one part worm casting.
Then I’ll repot it there, what do you think?
Looks good you can substitute perlite with pumice if you have
@cjred unfortunately the pumice is not available in Qatar
I have also added one part dried sphagnum moss, shall I also add the perlite or shall i exclude it?
Root check, no sign of Root rot
@cjred are you following?,any further advise
@Hmoursy none already just repot and let it recover!

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