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Why is my begonia rex feels crispy?

It's been nore than 2 weeks since I got my first rex begonia. When I first bought it, they are so full and the feels that I got from their foliage is fluffy

But over the past 2 weeks they wilt some of their leaves and getting crispy. There is also some brown patches in their leaves.

At the noment, I tried to use peeble tray and closing the window to increase humidity.

Do you guys have any insight/ solution for this problem?

He is using aroid+peat nased mix, sitting on a pebble tray, and got the same light as my philodendron and sungonium. *The first photo is when I first bought it

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3ft to light, indirect
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
Hi @SocialKaroorose I have a begonia maculata and it likes consistent water, the moment it runs dry it develops crispy tips. I have found for mine it is best to wick water it and if I let that bottom pot run dry, I get more dry tips. I’m not sure if they act the same but hope it helps?
Thanks @PrizedShadscale, I'll make sure to not let the soil dry
I love my Rex Begonia’s but YES! They do seem to be a bit too picky and it’s so frustrating. I love them so much. I have a few that are going strong and beautiful. I’ve lost a couple and an also have one or two that has one leaf or just the β€œstem” left and I’m determined to get it growing healthy again. I have noticed that they don’t like wet feet. I lost one due to overwatering even with my greg app. I have also recently discovered a lot of these Rex begonias have a small shallow root system, so I just recently repotted a couple into smaller like 4 or 5 inch pots but they’re shallow pots! They do seem to be liking that space a bit better since I’ve made that change. I just cut a leaf off of one of my begonia plants because it was just really crispy all around the edges they do that and I’m still trying to figure out. Is it a humidity issue? Is it a watering issue? I have most of my begonias in my South facing windows that gets a lot of indirect sunlight and I also have lights , the Arabian nights, that thing is growing beautifully and I need to replant it, but I’m scared to touch it because I don’t want it to start doing bad lol. I am going to follow this thread and hope for some answers, as I too, just cannot figure these suckers out.
Yeah, this plant is definitely one of the hardest plant to satisfy from my collection @Keysgirl0179. I cant really determine what is the culprit of these crispy leaves problem. Is it watering problem? humidity? Light? Should I mist it? Im so lost right now lol.
@Keysgirl0179 Hello, may I know how is it going now and did you figure out how to deal with it somehow? I just brought mine home day before and leaves don’t look happy same problem I believe.
@RichlyProfilica well I have 3 that are doing GREAT and some that are totally struggling :( I also still cannot figure out what it is. I have some planted and shallow pot as I read. They like shallow pots and they have small roots systems and they are doing really good and one is not. I have some planted and regular pots and they are doing great and some not. I have humidifiers my latest one. I just got. I have decided to plan it in a shallow pot water only when Greg tells me to and then I forget about it. It really seems to be doing great at the moment. It has a lot of growth and a lot of nice leaves on it, it’s in a small five in shallow pot under a light with some indirect sunlight during the day
@Keysgirl0179 it seems like the more we care about it the more drama we get πŸ˜‚. I will try to calm down now n ignore it for a while maybe πŸ˜‚