Posted 3w ago by @hiddenchicken

Monstera Question!
I just acquired a monstera from a friend (I’m SO excited and want to make sure I do everything right). There’s a few weird spots I wanted to get some opinions on! Does anyone know if I should worry about these? Or what they might be? The only location is right where the stem and leaf meet - and are not on every stem of the plant.
At first I thought it was scale, but I think it may be completely normal. I think it’s just the geniculum. Take a look at this picture :)

I believe this is what helps the plant move its direction when needing light. When it moves, it scars.
@kscape I agree. My monstera has them too.
@user2616 @kscape thank you both so much! I’m glad I can stop worrying about that part, even tho there’s a few other questions I have about my monstera
@hiddenchicken make sure to post them! There’s tons of people here with amazing knowledge on all plants, including monsteras! 🪴💕

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