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Any hope for this guy who is shedding all his leaves?
I got this fiddle leaf fig a few months ago. The first month was fine, and then it started dropping all of its bottom leaves.

I had it further from the window, but now moved it as close as can be(as you can see). Doesn’t get any direct sunlight still.

The soil felt a bit compacted, so I poked it with some sticks. Wondering if that could still be the issue?

Any hope for recovery? Or should I just accept failure here?
10ft to light, indirect
16” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 weeks ago
I think it should show signs of getting better with ample sunlight.
They need full sun or get moody I’ve noticed. They also like being rotated often. Maybe give it a nice shower and some sun bathing and in a month if no improvement you can propagate it for 2 plants hopefully.
Mine looked like this when I didn’t water it enough ONE TIME.
@sarahsalith yep, it is already growing a new little leaf from the top!! Sad about all the ones it lost, but really just seems like sunlight is the trick.
@Jilliebeanstalk i’ll have to try rotating more! And maybe look for a spot with full sun. Thank you!!

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