Posted 1M ago by @CuddlyAvocado

First-time pothos parent!

I’ve had lots of different plants before, but somehow never a golden pothos or many vine-y plants really! Does anyone have any advice for care? Or anything special it needs? I recently repotted it to a bigger and self-watering pot
2ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
They’re an amazing plant! They are very hard to kill I’ve found and love bright indirect light, and well draining soil. I dry mine out completely in between waterings and soak it when I do. Mine is from a clipping of a clipping from the pothos my mom had about 30 years ago. They also do great in water and if your pot starts to look bald on top, I just take the vines curl then around the top with the nodes pointed to the soil and take bendable wire to make a horseshoe type shape and press the vine down to secure them, then once the aerial roots have grown remove them with minimal fuss and she’ll look nice and full again!
@CuddlyAvocado hello Lily! Your pothos looks very healthy. I notice in your photo there is a window behind this plant. I would advise to bring away a bit from direct light on this plant. It will burn the leaves. Bright indirect would be suggested. Rest is pretty simple care. You may want to pick up a water meter just to be sure not to keep too wet. Self water is fine as long as it does not have wet feet/roots causing root rot. Best of luck and post updates on your plants progress! We are here for you! You got this!πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ€©
All great advice from Emma @lethe great handle btw!! πŸ₯°). Pothos cuttings also release their own rooting hormones so if you have a Pothos cutting in your #propagationstation (sorry the tag was mis-spelled so I had to go with it! Lmao 🀣), rather than self propegating the way emna suggests (which is a GREAT easy to keep a lovely "full" looking plant btw!! But it doesn't stop you clipping a top cutting for your water proof lol) it will literally help all your other cuttings to root! πŸ₯° Clever eh?

I like to give mine something to climb, I find they develop stronger stems and larger, healthier leaves than if you let them trail... But it's entirely your choice! And they look stunning either way πŸ₯° they like bright, indirect light as Emma says (& LOTS of it) early morning direct sun should be ok to, as long as you introduce her to it gradually. They're great, easy plants!

And yours is a BEAUTY! what lovely variegation πŸ₯°πŸ₯° the parenting is mostly dependent on the mother plant, but the more light you give her the more lightly she is too throw those beautiful golden variegations 🀩 a superstar plant! Xxx