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Should I replant?
My baby has gotten so big and he's doing great. But he's getting longer and thicker. Should I replant to larger pot ? Also how do I add something to get him to grow straight up? Not sure how to get him off the board ha wrapping himself on. Or do I leave him alone ???
Your plant is gorgeous πŸ₯°I would check to see if any roots are coming through the bottom of the pot, if so it needs repotting. You can probably careful removed the board with the plant and re-pot it up in the new pot, only go up a maximum of 2" in size for the new pot.
Welcome to Greg, happy growing πŸ₯°πŸŒ±πŸŒΏπŸ’›
@Sassylimey thank you. Roots are growing every where out the top of th soil and bottom. I trimmed him on and replanted those and those are growing like crazy. And my other one I adopted from my work and she is getting thicker This is my other one sh was half dead. She needs replanting also she had a lot of empty spaces on her vines when I got her. She looked stringy. All the leaves were gone
To figure out if you need to repot, check the roots. If the roots are visible on the outside or sticking out the bottom when you take the plant out of the pot, the plant needs a bigger pot. If you need to change the climbing board, I recommend carefully lifting it out of the plant. If I am correct, which I might not be, that is a pothos, which thrives when hanging, so you wouldn't actually need the climbing pole. If you do want to replace it, I'd recommend a longer wood pole like the one you're using, just slide it in the space the old on was and your baby can keep climbing. Feel free to do something else though, I'm by no means an expert on climbing poles.
@RootedSnowdrop thank you. I'm more afraid of breaking damaging her when take her off this pole currently she is wrapped around it at the bottom.
Ah, I see. You could try loosening the vines staring from the outside and working in until the vines aren't as tightly wound around the pole. @Tnogreenthumb

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