Posted 1M ago by @PrettyLimabean

What’s up with this plant??? I originally had it pitted and the leaves stated to die. Did some research and it said that it liked to have stone drainage and be lightly misted every day… not very pretty this way, but still leaves are dying???
This is an alocasia - it usually needs a really well-draining soil, like an orchid mix. It appears to me that what you have her in is probably a bit too dense!
Do the newest leaves look okay? It appears that just the oldest leaf is changing colors. If that's the case it's probably getting ready to grow again! Alocasia will often retire old leaves to save nutrients and focusing on the new growth.
I agree with @RJG
A few of the other leaves have small areas that are starting to turn brown also. Don’t see any new growth. Thx for the advice! I’ll change up the soil and watch for new growth. :)
@RJG thanks! Appreciate your help! Some others are starting to brown…
Can you post a picture

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