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What’s up with my ParlorPalm?

#ParlourPalm I live in central Oklahoma & have been having a difficult time with my palm, once I repotted to an 11” plastic liner in a basket, with good drainage. When it was 6” tall, (new) I left it in the original container, place it on my bathroom window sill, (has a 4’x4’ east facing frosted window), & doubled in size in about 5-6 weeks. Now that it’s in a large container & out in my greenhouse, the leaves have been turning brown. I used good, organic potting soil, mixed with the original soil from the plant. I also use a 3 in 1 meter to help with monitoring the water retention, light & ph level. What’s happening? & thank you in advance for any help!
13” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
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The two things that stood out to me about your palm is that when it was younger, it was inside and in your bathroom. I bet it got great light and had wonderful humidity!

Being in a greenhouse may not have the same humidity and it it definitely a LOT brighter there. Those palms don't appreciate lots of sun, but they don't mind times with bright light.

What's the humidity in the greenhouse? Is there a shady spot in your greenhouse where it can sit?

I have a shade cloth tossed over my greenhouse just to keep my plants out of direct sunlight.
Thanks! Excellent suggestions that I’m implementing today! I was thinking along those lines, but was afraid to change the plants again. I have a sprinkler system in my greenhouse that mists the entire area for 3 minutes every 2 days. It feels a lot more humid in there, compared to outside.
I'd check the root health. Perhaps it's getting overwatered..
I water my parlor palms once every 2weeks & they've remained bright green ever since.
They remain dry for about 4 days before watering.
I also use tropical soil mixed with Peet soil & lava rocks