Posted 3w ago by @pricklypups

Graptoveria Opalina still dropping leaves
My opalina has been dropping about 1 leaf per week since I got it in March. The leaf will get a divit/indent and then slowly turn orange/red, thin out and drop off. You can see from the picture the leaf on the left is likely to drop soon. It seems like a lot of the leaves that are dropping have scabs/trauma but I’ve found no bugs? I recently treated with neem oil and nothing seems to have gotten better/worse. Any idea what’s up with this? 😔 She’s been under a grow light (you can see how much the color has changed) and has been watered ~2x since March.
4ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 days ago
Hmm @vvvelo do you have any idea?
I have two ideas: 1. There is root Roth 2. It doesn’t like new spot. Probably not enough light.
Also it seems like you have Scale.

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