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How to get a dense prayer plant ?

Baby Eva Green has grown so much since I adopted her this winter πŸ₯°
But as her brother Peter Parker the branch keeps growing and having new leaves and kind of escape her pot.
Is there a way to have a more dense plant ?
I am testing water propagation for both, with a single leaf and a node, but so far no root (they are both with a cut of pothos and her natural growing hormones).
12ft to light, indirect
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 6 days ago
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@QualityBaybean Hi!
I have heard that the Marantas usually grow long wines and don't necessarily grow more shots from the soil. They sprawl along the jungle floor and make great hanging plants (they don't keep themself standing).
So what many people do to get them fuller is just as you have started doing, take cuttings and plant mulitple in the same pot☺️
I'm not sure how easily they root as I don't have experience myself, you must probably have some paitenceπŸͺ΄
Hey @QualityBaybean my first thought its light more light is more growth but shes under a grow light so either raise her a but closer slowly or slowly make it brighter depending if other plants are using it.
Another one could a bit of fertiliser if the soil doesn't have slow release in it just to give a kick. Or some pruning helps promote new growth if you want to but i have not tried it with these plants so can't comment on how to do it and well it works.
Another one maybe she is growning down not up ans establishing her roots and will have a growth spurt soon.
Also plants are all a little bit different I've had plants that were started at the same time but grew at different rates, she may just be a bit of a slower grower. She looks nice and healthy so I wouldn't worry too much.
@TheLonelyDaff thanks for your answer and your time :)
She does grow a lot, she had 3 leaves when adoptΓ©e and she has 9 now, but all from the same node... Today I add a stick to provide her for falling all the way down.
So I guess there is nothing more to do, just wait for the propagation baby to be ready to join her in her pot.
@MockingJay thank you !
I am releaved that it's not my fault if she is not standing πŸ˜…
13 days so far in propagation station and nothing so far 🀞