Posted 1w ago by @Jboepple

HELP! Fungus gnats!! #PestControl

I’ve been noticing tiny itty bitty flies around some plants and I just realized they’re fungus gnats 😱 I’ve heard they’re so hard to get rid of. A friend recommended nematodes and those yellow sticky fly traps. Anyone else have any good tips? 🙏🏼
The yellow sticky traps will take care off the adults but not the eggs and developing larva. I recommend a systemic for the soil (must treat all your pots). It will take a few weeks for you to break the cycle.
For immediate relief, try using a plug-in fly trap like Zevo. They work wonders!

I agree with @StarCoralcactus , using systemic granules help a ton. Sprinkle granules on top of soil and mix in and top water on the next watering. Repeat every few months by adding more granules.

Also placing bark on the top soil helps smother as well.

Keep gnat control down by also bottom watering regularly and every now and then top watering to flush the soil.
If your plants are someplace where you don’t want to use systemic pesticides (such as outdoors, where pollinators could be affected), and if you’re certain that they’re fungus gnats, I’ve had great success with adding “mosquito bits” to the water. These bits have a bacteria in them that releases a substance only harmful to mosquitos and fungus gnats. Let the plant dry out, and water with the bits for about a month. They’re the only solution that has been reliable for me in eliminating fungus gnat infestations. Good luck!