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Luna Appreciation Post
My first #SpringIntoSummer submission is one if my rescue plants Luna.

Poor Luna was found rotting away at my local Walmart a few months ago. After losing one whole stalk and several leaves she's finally turned the corner and is headed in the right direction.

She was planted in what looks like pure peat moss so I'm not surprised she had so much rot before. Tonight I was finally able to get her into good soil and a pot that is the appropriate size.

I think she looks sharp in her new digs 😉
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4ft to light, direct
12” pot with drainage
Last watered 11 months ago
I’m sure she is breathing a sigh of relief. You’ve been helping so many plants out of their state of overwater.
@calvina I have a soft spot for neglected plants so I love being able to give them a new home and proper care. It's so rewarding when they start to thrive!
Yeah Luna! Glad she found a great home.😊
@tmbryant37 I am glad your rescued Lina. She looks great I her new pot. Happy growing! 💚💚🌱🌱
Luna should do well with such good care. She even has new growth. 🥰