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Was just wondering if my jellybean plant is growing like is suppose to? It was gifted to me with a online purchase I got back in July. First picture is when I got it, 2nd picture is what it looks like now. Do I need to do anything to it? #SucculentSquad
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4” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 days ago
This is how they grow. They drop leaves to multiply however it may be that your pot is too big for this plant.
@Katrinabrown86 I agree with @FitSedum, this is how they grow and your pot in my opinion is too big for this plant. I would down size to a 5 inch pot with drainage.
I agree tonpot is too large, but I think it needs more light. Some direct sun is ok, but ease her into it.
Thank y’all so much, what do you’ll recommend for this kinda pot? It’s a shallow pot and 8 in diameter.
@Katrinabrown86 I would probably go with a 5 like @KikiGoldblatt said. If you can’t find a shallow one, you can add a screen to the bottom and fill it partially with volcanic pumice then add another screen on top of that then plant your succulents in it. The screen will keep the soil from going through the VP and the bottom screen will prevent the VP from coming out of the pot. Succulents love snug roots and you can always separate them later if they get too big or if you want to go up a size.
@FitSedum noted! thank you so much ☺️
Does it get a good amount of light? It looks good but almost appears to be stretching for the light very slightly. But nothing that’s bad or a big deal. You might just get denser growth and it won’t be as tall if it gets a little more light. I have some that have that issue and I have to move them somewhere with more light so they don’t stretch too much
Ahh I see now that @user2616 already mentioned it may need more light.
I have a couple of jelly bean and they are just like that! I also think introducing more light is a good idea. It will bring out the colors. 🌱🌱🌱
@TruthfulApricot yeah it does seem to do that right? The sun can bring out some cool colors just like the winter. The sun stress and winter stress can bring out some cool colors and make the plant look awesome. I saw a cactus that was green and turned purple due to stress from the cold weather since it was really cold and it made it look so pretty. It was turning green again last time I saw it. But the purple look was awesome. I should have a pic but it isn’t my cactus. I almost bought it actually
@SirLiquorice That must’ve been gorgeous! 🌱❤️
@TruthfulApricot it was this one. It had a lot of purple from when we had snow here. It survived just fine. Last I saw it was almost all green again I think. The flowers should be nice on that one. But it’s a pretty big cactus. Don’t have room for it really
@SirLiquorice That’s a great color… and some SERIOUS thorns! Thanks for the pic!
@TruthfulApricot I think they nickname that one the fish hook cactus because of those spines if I remember right
@TruthfulApricot I think this may be it
@TruthfulApricot if I had a yard to plant it in I would get it for sure. Especially because I already know it can survive snow and 9 degree temperatures. Which normally doesn’t happen here. But it didn’t die just turned purple. But it’s a big cactus so it will be tough and resilient at that size and age. Much harder to kill when they’re this big
@TruthfulApricot I’m amazed it didn’t get any scars or ugliness from the cold. A lot of times it can cause bad scars and damage in spots. All it did was make it prettier from the stress of the cold weather. So that would be an awesome cactus for the front yard. Especially when it’s blooming it would look so nice. And it will take care of itself. No need to worry about watering it
@SirLiquorice Those flowers are spectacular!
@SirLiquorice Maybe some day you’ll have just the right spot for it! 🪴
@TruthfulApricot sometimes it’s tempting to buy a cactus to plant in my friends yard at his house. Then I can still visit it at least. Lol
I have it in a east facing window, since I gotten it. Should I move to a south facing window?
@Katrinabrown86 if you think it will get light longer there you might want to try that. Just watch it closely to make sure it doesn’t get burned
seems just a little bit stretchy as @SirLiquorice said, but the lower part of the stem will always be a bit more spaced out than the top of the rosette bc of its growth habit :)
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