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How the he** does one practice anything that resembles will power????
Cuz literally I cannot stop buying plants or accessories….. does this slow down ever ??? Do I need to find a meeting or something?? #PlantAddict
I’m right there with you Desirae
Seven of my new babies
Angel hair wing and heart shaped philodendron
Giggle… slow down??? It’s about to get worser…
I was actually just saying, while opening my plant subscription package today, that I need an intervention 🤣
… when you run out of room.
Well at least I’m not alone lol prolly be bankrupt at this rate in like 6 months lol
No need for a meeting. Just more planty friends…who will trade plants and cuttings…for freeeeeee!!!!!
@SubAlp I’m out of room but that’s not stopping me
@Darkempress uhuuuh
I buy in spurts. Spring gives me the fever to add to my collection and then the beginning of fall when clearance sales pop up at outdoor nurseries in my area. Otherwise, I try to satisfy my plant addiction by buying for my friends or family. Every holiday, birthday, house warming, new birth or unfortunate death. Someone’s getting a plant from me!! My advice for you @Darkempress is to never let your new found addiction stress you out! It should be a joy! Not a chore. Don’t buy so many, you can’t handle their individual care and needs. Try not to buy too many duplicates, even if they’re beautiful, a good price or on sale. Instead, try your hand at different verities. And last but definitely not least!, say away from sick or unhealthy looking plants until you get more experience. It is a wonderful feeling to help a unwell plant become healthy again but it’s also a sad state when you can’t save them because they were too neglected before you bought it. I use the roll of thumb, if I don’t have room for it, I don’t need it right now. And I make a list of the things I want or need before I head to my favorite places. Good luck working on your self control. Believe me, there’s not a single person on this app that hasn’t felt your pain! 🪴❤️
Just embrace it 🤣
Try growing your own ;-) helps with patience.
Same!! I just got order of supplies in mail today! (Stocking up for my greenhouse that im picking up tomorrow).Have a big wkend of plant shopping coming up with my aunt in couple wks. Going outa town, getting room, LOTSA plants to buy. An i still bought 4 the other night! I cudnt resist!
Oh an i have plant mail from plant of mth coming tomorrow!! 🤣
I wonder too haha. I have now been telling myself… is this a new plant that you don’t have? If so, is it one you really want? And then I’ve been trying to pay a little more attention to price since I need to stock up on all my plant supplies because I have quite a few re pots needed and all that stuff can get a bit pricey.
@Crzy_Plnt_Ldy ooooh do tell about this subscription… 😁😁😁
I feel like I go through seasons. I’ll get a lot of plants in a short time (and I give myself Grace because I work hard in a meaningful job and I deserve some things I want), but I also want to give my plants the love and attention they deserve. So then I’ll have a season of pause where I love on them, celebrate their growth, get them repotted and moved around, and then give myself permission to go buy some more. 😎 I just want to make sure I never get obsessed with ONLY the buying and collecting, as they’re living things and they need my care. 🌱☀️❤️
@RealSimpleMama so I actually have 2 different subscriptions. Just started one through Orange Lake Nursery. 3 babies a month for 30 and I have another one through American plant exchange. It’s the endless foliage box, I’ve had the second one about a year now and it’s two big healthy plants every month plus a food tablet for each plant for 27 😊
@Crzy_Plnt_Ldy wow thank you!
Either you’ll run out of room or you’ll run out of energy to maintain all your plants lol. The latter happened to me and I now I’m much more mindful of my plant collection.
@SubAlp and then you find a way to rearrange to add more 🐌
@llugS exactly!
I would give advice... but I don't quite know myself 😅😂
I feel you, 200 plus plants, and I see no end, lol. There's always room for more
I do get myself a new plant now and then, when I go to the plant shop in Tipp City every few months I may get several. I may get a couple at a big box store maybe twice a year. That’s enough cause I have 3 plant shelves full (with grow lights) and 3 jungle areas in my house near windows. They take me maybe 4 hours on a weekend day to check and water. That is enough time for me because I work full time. I don’t want any of them to suffer without attention because I love them all. So that is my self-limitation. I would probably have more if I was retired @Darkempress #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #NewGrowth
The only thing that has stopped me buying plants was when I realised 2 had died because I was not organised enough. But then I started buying equipment for caring for them instead 😅🌿💕
We’re in the same boat 😅
You never run out of room, you get creative and make more. It never stops. No meeting no anything can stop it once it’s begun 🤣
Well…… just had two plants delivered today and ordered two more….. so yeah lol