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Whats wrong with my monstera? #monstera #adansonii #help

Had her for couple years now, but shes constantly been stuck at this size if not smaller. It feels very one step forward two steps back, she'll pump out a fresh new leaf but then two will go yellow and drop off. This is pretty evident by her leggyness and how little foliage she has in comparison to what she could have.

Anyone got a refresher for monsteras? I just feel like she needs more from me but I'm not sure what she needs. I want her to thrive not just survive... Just got a new mini monstera too so I don't want that one to suffer the same fate as ugly.

Ive been considering putting her in hydroponics when I feel like I can chop her in half to rid of the leggyness,, so any advice on that is also appreciated xx
3ft to light, direct
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 6 days ago
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OH!! And hydroponics is a great idea! Adansoniis do very well in hydro and my first adansonii is pure hydro. Might be a risk putting it straight into hydro in its current state, but once it's stabilized, I do recommend it. Just know that plants usually have an adjustment period after moving to hydro since it has to grow water roots (vs soil roots), but they grow very happily once they're settled in!
Try repotting in a pot with drainage. Sitting in water can cause root rot over time. Also, try moving it away from the window. It may be getting too much direct sun. They require bright light not direct sun. Hope this helps. Good luck🀞🏽
Also, are you using fertilizer?
@WarrantedMelon Spidermonkey is in a plastic pot with drainage!! i water either enough if watering her whikst shes sat in the pot, or i take her out if doing a big water, and only then its not too frequent!!
Im not using fertillizer though! is that something monsteras are fussy about? also I will move her out of direct sun,, thankyou!!
I wouldn't say fussy, but it helps.
This is mine. I got it from a friends cutting about 2 years ago. I fertilize regularly
Monsteras are actually quite tolerant of water compared to some other plants, but in this specific case I think it's just in too small a pot for the size it's got to, and maybe it needs some new soil. It's growing season in the northern hemisphere, so of you live up here you could probably benefit from moving it into a bigger pot and getting it some fresh soil!
fertilizing is good for established plants but in this instance I think you should hold off until it gets healthier. Giving too much fertilizer can kill or burn a plant, and a sick plant can take less than normal β€” think of trying to eat a rare steak while having a stomach flu. It's a good idea for later of course, once you have it back on its feet!
My adansonii, whom I've actually been neglecting recently whoops, i havent changed its water in months 🫠 but a soil plant would not still be growing new leaves with that treatment (but please, add water once a week and change the water at least once a month)

And not an adansonii, but my thaicon monstera deliciosa has never seen soil and grows quite well in hydro, though I also have some leca in there to add some oxygen, and i use fertilized water (1/6 of recommended dosage on box)
@CeeSing try putting a stick for support as well it’s thriving love it
Bigger pot, well draining soil & maybe a slight prune! You got this!