Posted 1Y ago by @Tea

Hey I got this plant from a friend and she told me it was an orchid. Can I save this
8” pot
Last watered 1 year ago
I think it is not dead just over waterd but it doesn t bloom every hear πŸ“
The most common reason for orchids dying is because of overwatering. Orchids that are watered too often, develop root rot, which turns leaves yellow with a dying appearance. Typically, orchids require watering once per week. If you are watering more then once a week this is the reason your orchid is dying sorry :(
i agree w zoe, also it says the pot has no drainage which can contribute to overwatering unless you’re being very very careful with the amount you’re giving them. idk what soil this plant is in rn but orchids for the most part like to be potted in something that’s mainly bark, so you may want to consider getting a bark based mix for them :)
I suggest taking it out of the pot and letting it air out. If you see some green roots, there may be home. You might want to take the leaves off. Also check the stems and if it’s brown, just remove those too
@strawberrymoon ok so I took the bottom piece off and crossing my fingers